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Biden Administration Departments Acting Like Independent Fiefdoms

Red State

It’s hard to imagine an administration more in confusion than that of Joe Biden.

We saw that in spades during the debacle of a withdrawal in Afghanistan. It cost the lives of 13 Americans and countless others as a result. Biden left Americans and allies to twist in the wind at the mercy of terrorists.

Now, we see his handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and, once again, he doesn’t seem to know what he is doing.

One excellent example of the disarray of his administration is what has been going on with the MiG-29 jets, which were supposed to be sent from Poland to Ukraine to help them create a no-fly zone. More

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  1. “It’s hard to imagine an administration more in confusion than that of Joe Biden.”

    Holy fuck. It’s only been one year really. They’re killing us. Some one needs a big sniff of reality.

  2. point #1: when, in the good graces of God, has Joke Biden EVER ‘seemed to know what he’s doing’? … I’ll wait

    point #2: why does the US, particularly this regime with its woke pooftagon, get to dictate what Poland gives to the Ukraine?

    point #3: starting to get more than a bit tired of Zelensky … seems to me if he cared about his people he would’ve negotiated w/ Putin a little bit. after all, the Ukraine hasn’t got a chance against Russia one-on-one (& no one in the West is gonna help militarily, as long as China has Russia’s back) … instead he keeps on rattling about, as his failures are someone else’s logistical problems

    point #4: can we please keep quiet about all the political corruption flowing from Ukraine to the West …. & whatever you do, don’t mention Biolabs … ‘kay?

  3. Here’s one way to look at it, Brad. That bunch is hurting so many families now and the damage will wake more people up like nothing else could.

  4. Mystery Shopper #2146, on the bright side

    I’m in total agreement. Let fuel go to $10.00 a Gallon. Figure it out assholes. It’s really sad it has to come to this. Some people should not be allowed to vote, or think.

  5. Brad, while I empathize your exasperation, it is those who vote but don’t think (all feelings don’t ya know) that create the problem.

  6. It’s just all part of the negotiations.
    The question is are they paying for past bills or future?
    With 10% for the “big guy”.

  7. Many people won’t be bothered by the high cost of gas. It is troubling when I read of stories like the following:

    (From a Physician and who is a very close friend from medschool): One of my patients is a lawyer who works for the military. She knows of 2 people in the military who died from cardiac arrest less than 24 hours after receiving the vaccination. In both cases, a VAERS report was filed, and then later it was manually deleted and removed from VAERS. As a result, neither of their deaths are now registered.

    This is the new normal.

  8. Of course they behave like independent fiefdoms. The Deep State learned they could ignore their elected President with no negative repercussions, rather, they were praised as saviors. You can’t put that genie back in the bottle.

    Biden and Harris became the Dems candidates because they were unelectable — without the Deep State’s (or if you prefer, the machine’s) help — and because they are compliant, extremely compromised, incompetent fools(tools).

    The people behind this are way beyond the Deep State. They want our country to collapse. They want the world in chaos. They are remaking the world, which must first be destroyed. They are on an accelerated schedule, having been delayed almost five years by Trump and slowed in Obama’s first two terms by the Tea Party. Add to that the Right’s refusal for twelve years to be goaded into violence, finally ending in the heavily manipulated, managed and choreographed Jan. 6th Kabuki theater.

    It would not have been possible, of course, without the participation of some willing dupes from the Right, some of them groomed but enough just plain… well, whatever. It would also not have been possible without the most obviously fraudulent election in US history, even surpassing JFK’s victory over Nixon, and the Republican Party’s refusal to investigate or protest, and the Courts’ refusal to allow a case go to trial.

    The election was meant to be unbelievable. We were meant to feel powerless. We were meant to feel the electoral process was forever broken and that no one, of consequence, was going to do anything about it. A repeat is planned for this November, to suck all remaining hope out of us.

    They prefer we react with a violent, bloody civil war, fought between neighbors, families and former friends — but they will take a Venezuelan style relatively peaceful, total and complete capitulation. Whatever works.

    I don’t think it has to come to violence or capitulation, but I’m not sure we have enough people in place with the cajones to pull it off.

  9. The puppet masters of Commie Joe have always love unelected bureaucracy. It’s easier for them to do end runs around the Constitution.

  10. I have said it many times before. Take any organization and put an imbecilic progtard child in charge of it and you get government agencies run by children.

    Red diaper doper infants are not raised on merit, ability, or maturity when facing adversity. They never progress past 5 in their development because lefty parents are their friends.

    Look at any Marxist from the Pedo on down…every single head off a federal agency…all children.

    They can’t coordinate, communicate, or command. They are left crying and stamping their feet blaming everyone but themselves, just like theur perderast leader.

    Marxism is the antithesis to competence. Corruption is its driver. Over half our population is glued to the federal tit. OVER 60 PERCENT PAY NOT A SINGLE PENNY IN TAXES. We are now an official idiocracy.

    We are fucked, plain and simple. Neither the Pedo or Commiela could score above 80 on an IQ test.

    This nation is doomed.

  11. Life was great living in the good old USA. It’s going to take longer than the time I got left to get use to the chit hole I found my self in just about a year ago. I miss the good old USA, why are they still using our old flag??

  12. The Deep State apparently can neither function effectively as a unit, nor marshal strong international support against anything, unless it’s President Trump. Do we need to help them out bring him back? I’m willing to give it a try. They seem so feckless and lost right now.

  13. This, and many similar episodes during the past year prove, again, that Biden is just a figurehead. He has no idea what’s going on around him and his handlers know better than to tell him.

  14. Maybe Poland wanted to give the jets, on the QT, so as to not upset Putin. Then our (lack of) brain trust in DC outed Poland….

  15. We are so fucked, well how can I help? Joe Biden. And enough with the sniff jokes, I have a smelling problem, after a slight case of covid.
    Burner, Poland didn’t want to give the Mig-29s drectly to the Ukraine because it would of by-passed NATO, irked Russia enough to get bombed.
    They might be Polish, but their not dumb polacks.

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