Biden and Dems Promote New Mask Mandate, But…

CTH: The Biden Administration, Nancy Pelosi, the CDC and scientific establishment along with the Democrat machine writ large, have re-instituted a new indoor national mask mandate that everyone is expected to abide by.  However, check out Joe Biden today in Pennsylvania…. notice anything missing?

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  1. A win/win for the Alinskycrats.
    Another distraction from the Arizona audit.
    To keep the confusion going amongst the people.
    Increasing the division just as people have gotten back to some semblance of normal life. Etc, etc…..

  2. Ezekiel 3: 17 – Be a watchman:

    Here is my prophecy for today

    Covid and its “variants” leading to vaccinations is a gateway for greater oppression and suppression of the American people with a goal of both population decrease (“decease the surplus population”) and the destruction of the American identity (patroitism/nationalism/exceptionalism).

    We will see the government imposing sanctions that eventually suspend both habeas corpus and impose marital law. “Passports” and identity authorizations will be required to travel. All communications will be monitored, censored, and/or blocked for content and ideology (someone like Adam Schiff will become propaganda minister).

    No one will be allowed to participate in the marketplace without regime authorization or credentials and this will include health care, food and drug access, and social activities and leisure pursuits.

    People will discover that the early covid vaccines were the groundwork for fundamental physical changes in human genes that require either periodic boosters or injections to maintain “good health.” Our very bodies will be taken hostage and used to guarantee compliance with government mandates. Most if not all businesses will be nationalized and staffed as bureaucrats see fit. If not employed in menial tasks you will be provided a sustenance income.

    The upshot of this message is this: The Chinese are waging biowarfare that targets human genetics with a stated goal of world dominion. Their helpers are everywhere in government, big tech, big pharma, and business.

    You fellow American are in the way. You fellow Christian, are in the way. You fellow Conservative, are in the way. You fellow lover of the constitution, are in the way. You fellow lover of the truth, are in the way.

    You must be eliminated or neutralized. You must be put back into the herd were no individuals can exits.

    This why covid now. It started specifically with a stolen election and is progressing at a speed that takes your breath away.

    That is my message for today. Call me crazy but in 6 months you may call me a prophet.

  3. Rules for thee, but not for me.

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