Biden Chooses The 20th Anniversary of 9/11 To Give Off The Cuff Dismissal Of Al Qaeda

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On a day when others are commemorating the loss of nearly 3,000 American lives on 9/11, Biden is still preoccupied with defending his disastrous, deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan. At one point, he claims Al Qaeda was “wiped out” in Afghanistan, something that’s completely untrue. He then leans forward and says, “Can Al Qaeda come back, well yeah, but guess what?” before sarcastically saying “it’s already back in other places, what’s the strategy, every place where Al Qaeda is, we are gonna invade and have troops there…c’mon.”

I can’t think of a worse time to make the argument he’s making than at a memorial for victims of 9/11 who were murdered by Al Qaeda. Even if Biden believes what he’s saying, just wait until tomorrow to say it. This was just not the time. Combine that with his tone and tenor, defensive and angry at times, and what transpired was very jarring.

In the second half of the clip, the president cites public approval as supportive of his decision ,before launching into a nonsensical analogy about Tajikistan. While I’m not sure what point he was attempting to make, he claims that had a C-130 been landed there, people would be hanging onto the wheel wells. Yet, that’s exactly what happened in Afghanistan, with several men falling to their deaths. Has he forgotten already, or does he not realize how offensive such an analogy is?

Everything about Biden’s brief interaction here was odd and out of place. More

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  1. Biden’s ego is far larger than his persona. He has a long history of being a fool and now he is on center stage for all the world to see. This is sweet karma. Enjoy the show. The Democrat party deserves to eat some crow and Joe is going to be their head waiter.

  2. Wearing ribbons is a stupid thing. I see that the ribbon is blue. It’s how they try to project their virtue.

    Biden: Folks, don’t worry about what happened a couple of weeks ago in …uh…some country somewhere…a thing, you know the country is a kind of thing. Fellow Americans, join me in forgetting what was said and done over there in that uh, thing. Next month, no one will remember it. And that’s good because now we have to make sure we all get droned…I mean, you know, get the jab thingy. That’s what you should pay attention to.

    But folks, see this blue ribbon here? That’s to show I really care about you. Get your vaccine jabber droned up so we don’t have to send someone to your house.

  3. I had to read through this again to figure it out. He said that the public approved of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Well, that is partially true. In July, 70% of the public wanted us out. The way he handled it? Not so much. Even an NBC poll showed 74% said he screwed it up.
    The other 26%, well, I may be psycho, but I am no psychologist or psychiatrist, but I think they would approve of anything that makes our great country look bad

  4. “Everything about Biden’s brief interaction here was odd and out of place.”
    Xiden is odd and out of place anywhere on this (or any other) planet.


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