Biden Crime Family’s Cutout Man Visited Joe at the WH 16 Times – IOTW Report

Biden Crime Family’s Cutout Man Visited Joe at the WH 16 Times

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A breaking Fox News report revealed Tuesday that Hunter Biden’s former business partner John Robinson “Rob” Walker visited the White House on at least sixteen occasions during Joe Biden’s time as vice president.

Rob Walker became a target of the House Oversight Committee earlier this month after committee chair James Comer (R-KY) subpoenaed Bank of America, which led to a trove of new records showing Biden family members receiving over $1 million in payments linked to Walker and the family’s Chinese associates. More

6 Comments on Biden Crime Family’s Cutout Man Visited Joe at the WH 16 Times

  1. See, this is what I want our oversight committees in Congress to spend their time on, not yelling at insulated bureaucrats like Mayorkas, to no effect.

    Investigate the Bidens and their China/Ukraine ties.
    Investigate the claims by FBI whistleblowers who have come forward with accounts that The Justice Dept. ignored their recommendations and weaponized the department for political ends.
    Investigate BLM, Antifa, and the radical trans community and declare them terrorist organizations.
    Investigate Pelosi and all the other inside traders who profited from information not privy to the average investor
    Investigate the Covid fraud.
    Investigate where the Ukraine money went, every penny.

    We know they are all dirty, go out and prove it, they would do the same to us.

  2. Rich Taylor,
    You are 100% correct.

    However, I really like to watch flunkies like Mayorkas, who think they are important & have real power, get thrown under the bus by their masters, embarrassed publicly, and made to REALIZE that they are FOOLS.

    It Serves them right for compromising themselves & abandoning human decency.

    Bureaucrat, the 2nd worst thing in the world behind Politician.

  3. Rob Walker is the obvious bagman bringing ol corrupt joey his 10% of the extortion money. Why else would this hired crook go to the White House 16 times except to deliver the bribe money. Enjoy all your ill-gotten gain joey and family while you can and know that God hates bribes.

  4. !! Marketing idea !!

    Someone should made a cardboard cutout of Jackass Joe (the one man side show) that looks like the thumbnail! Call it the Biden Crime Family cutout… It’ll sell like hotcakes!

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