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Biden Deemed Not “Relevant” By His Handlers

Western Journal

This time, it’s the unprecedented baby formula shortage in the United States that has tripped them up.

One of Biden’s behind-the-scenes handlers must have made a judgment call of how to extract Biden from a discussion about the government’s involvement that he obviously cannot handle.

The current narrative is the president wasn’t briefed on the crisis earlier because he was not relevant to the situation. The White House would rather admit Biden’s uselessness than incompetence, apparently. More

11 Comments on Biden Deemed Not “Relevant” By His Handlers

  1. Then Biden admitted CEOs knew a major problem was coming: “They did, but I didn’t.”
    Biden was told, he just didn’t think it was a problem.
    Kill ’em in the womb or after they’re born, Biden didn’t see the problem.

    Useless, incompetent, irrelevant Joe !!!
    Some things don’t change in 50 years.

  2. Irrelevant indeed. A fake, a fraud and a phony as well.
    A placeholder, a puppet and a senile degenerate. A treasonous criminal to BOOT.

  3. As useless as that white coating on a sun baked dog turd, because as soon as you bust it open it’s dog shit smell to the nth degree. It covers it up but it’s still dog shit on the inside.

  4. Yep, in true, democrat, liberal, commie style…..They pick and choose what best serves their demonic agenda.

    PHUCK each and EVERYONE on them.

  5. General Malaise June 5, 2022 at 8:08 pm
    Incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial!

    He hit the trifecta!

  6. it is counter productive to pretend the baby formula shortage was not intentional, like inflation, like the border, like gas prices, like vax mandate causing untold death and shortage of pilots and air traffic controllers all kinds of workers, truckers going out of business, and so on

  7. Biden’s salute in that picture perfectly encapsulates him at the helm of this country.
    I’ve never been in the military but even I can tell that’s the worst salute in history, not even bothering to stay awake.


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