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Biden Gets Greeted With Insults In His Hometown

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President Joe Biden was certainly not greeted like a king during his homecoming visit to Scranton, Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Residents of the midsize town of about 76,000 turned out to line the Democrat’s motorcade route, hurling insults and anti-Biden chants at the passing vehicles. A clip of his car and a phalanx of police vehicles traveling through downtown revealed just how deep the animosity runs in his boyhood town.

“F*** Joe Biden!” chants carried across the street as both supporters and opponents of the president waved American flags and attempted to drown out one another. more

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  1. Every day brings more credence to the story of “the Emperor’s new clothes” while also shaming Americans who still care about being American.

  2. He may not care but his handlers do. They’re losing voters every day.
    Even if none of them care at least these people are doing something.
    Their Reps aren’t.
    It’s way better than sitting behind closed doors wringing their hands about the state of the country and staying silent in public.

  3. Time to put that hatred into action.
    Physically throwing all the biden/obozo TRASH out of the WH would do alot toward the redemption and healing this country sorely needs.

    It’s very clear there are MANY more than “81 million” Americans that want Brandon GONE!

  4. “Need to start throwing rotten food at the motorcade.”, “Or other projectiles.🤔”….. may get you arrested in an early morning no-knock raid and shot and/or incarcerated (if not killed along with your dog).

  5. Then there was the Scranton address in half a gym where a hand full of people showed up comprised of White people wearing business atire…with more empty seats than occupied!
    I’m guessing that most of them will show up at Jackass Joe’s funeral as paid mourners too!

  6. Greeted by insults and smoldering ruins:

    The Scranton plant is a major producer of 155mm artillery shells, which are in short supply and critically needed in Ukraine. The mocking bird media all screams that there were no injuries or deaths, andvthat is great news, but how did the fire affect shell production? That is the dog which isn’t barking.

    And since that fire, I have heard that two more shell factories, one here and one in Germany, have also caught fire. This might have something to do with the alleged Russian saboteurs arrested in Germany. It sure looks like the war is coming West in one way or another.

    But I do hope Biden enjoyed his ice cream and kiddies in Scranton.

  7. They rest serene at night knowing the vote manufacturing program is in perfect working order and they will be announced as winners if that is what is so chosen by the people who actually run the show.

    All indications are that the current occupants of the office of president are to remain so ensconced for four more years. There is great comfort knowing the entire criminal apparatus is behind you in this effort.

    Some proles shouting impotent epithets are hardly a concern.

  8. Actually, I’d like to see all the people lined up on the edge of the street, both sides, with their backs to the motorcade in total silence.

    You know, like the man who Biden walked past in that fast food joint. He sat there staring ahead and didn’t say anything or even look at the pedo.

  9. Walter
    FRIDAY, 19 APRIL 2024, 9:14 AT 9:14 AM

    “Some proles shouting impotent epithets are hardly a concern.”

    They are very thin skinned and aren’t going to let it go. You can be sure they have images of every person there, and will use January 6th tactics to round them up and persecute them once they have secured their final election.

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