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  1. Trump should go to a Buc-ees in Texas. I guarantee there would be 10,000 people show up. Hell, there are usually 10,000 people in there on a slack day, anyway.

  2. Wawas are a much nicer version of a 7-11. At least they were when I lived near Philadelphia in the 90’s. Grrrreat sandwiches made to order. Their egg salad was a particular favorite.

    I think Wawa is a Native American word for…goose or duck? One used to be part of their logo.

  3. As if Biden ever really patronized such places. It still amazes me how the “union (fable) labels” still support this sack of shit especially with what he’s doing to the automotive industry…

  4. Union members aren’t fond of Shitpants, their corrupt leaders are.
    An obscure Law of Physics states that shit attracts shit.

    Hard to find any familiar institutions, traditions or habits that haven’t been sullied.


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