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Biden Has A Long History Of Offending Grieving Gold Star Families

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The controversy echoes Biden’s reported past treatment of Gold Star families. Mike Iubelt, the father of the fallen Army Pfc. Tyler Iubelt, told the Washington Examiner in October 2019 that he had a “horrible experience” meeting the now-president in 2016 after his son’s death in Afghanistan a few days earlier. Iubelt said he left their conversation “feeling worse” than before. 

“He told my daughter-in-law … that she was too pretty for this to happen to her,” Mike Iubelt recalled. “It’s probably a good thing that he was surrounded by Secret Service, probably for both of us, because I’d probably be locked up in jail right now.”

Iubelt’s account was similar to how Gold Star families described their recent meetings with Biden. More

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  1. Biden’s a narcissist.
    A diabolically evil narcissist.
    Has been since he hatched – out of a dried dog turd.
    A guy who has never worked, and never had a genuine emotion, has no sympathy with humans.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. The only thing the loft loves more than dead citizens is dead soldiers. Biden was showing his contempt, even though I’m sure he had to be coached.

  3. “Hey honey, can you stop at the next gas station we come up on.”
    “I gotta take a big Biden!”

    “No problem Sweetie… and don’t fergit to wipe yer Kamala when yer done!”

  4. Fuck his Dead son and the coke Hunter, who mocks US Justice. Rotten Father, rotten family, rotten morals, and unfortunately that rot is spreading to the entire world.

  5. Biden has always been a major league prick and a very stupid insensitive one at that.
    Thinks he’s a tough guy. I think we know better

  6. The only thing that lifts my spirits is knowing what waits for these politicians on the other side after they become room temperature.

  7. cccp put bidends in the white house to give them afghanistan and all the rare earth metals under ground.
    Change my mind.

  8. Jethro – Nope!
    Funny how everything that’s happened recently (in the last two years) seems to work in China’s favor. I’m sure itz all coincidental…

  9. Kcir – What kind of sick, twisted bastard pimps out his own worthless, coked-out, perverted son? The Jackass Joe kind!

  10. Can we all agree that Joe Biden is a genuine PoS? Always has been. The only difference between him and John Stacey McCain III is that Biden never served in the military. But a PoS, non-the-less. That man never did an honourable thing in his life.

  11. Joe Puddinghead is a slimy career politician who never had the shit kicked out of him because he’s been protected by being a senator. If you or I said 1/2 the insulting garbage he’s said to people, you better believe somebody would have kicked our asses.


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