Biden Heckled at Virginia Rally, Hardly Any Supporters Show Up

Small turn-out at rally as Biden campaigns for Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial run.

Neon Nettle: Democrat Joe Biden was heckled at a rally in Virginia on Friday, with the event only pulling a small crowd and little show of support.

Biden was in the state campaigning for Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign.

During his speech, Biden boasted about “whipping” President Donald Trump in Virginia during the 2020 election.

“Terry and I share a lot in common – I ran against Donald Trump and so is Terry,” Biden said during his appearance stumping for fellow Democrat McAuliffe.

“And I whipped Donald Trump in Virginia and so will Terry,” he added

As he was speaking, a series of boos erupted from the 500 or so attendees at the barely half-full Lubber Run Park in Arlington, with a voice in the crowd causing him to stop his speech. more

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11 Comments on Biden Heckled at Virginia Rally, Hardly Any Supporters Show Up

  1. I showed up.

    I’ve always been there for Democrats, and I always will be.

    As long as they serve my purposes, that is, and right now, he is my son in whom I am well pleased.


  2. I’ll be there for him when the time comes too, Boss.

    We’re all the crowd he REALLY needs.

    He even told that guy once at a campaign stop that he didnt need his vote.

    Did you think he was kidding?

    He doesn’t.

    He only needs MINE.

  3. At Trump rallies supporters show up 2 days ahead. At Biden rallies the Chinese Communist Party has to go to skid row with clubs and nets to find volunteers, two hours after rally was supposed to start, so they can fill up the front row.

  4. It will not be long before mandatory Biden rally attendance cards will be required to be shown along side your vaccination report card to keep them from shutting off utilities to your home or enter a restaurant.


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