Trump Packs Phoenix Rally

Donald Trump Packs Phoenix Rally, But Look Behind the Scenes at Biden’s ‘Town Hall’ to See Who Can Draw a Bigger Crowd.


Trump Unloads On RINOs McConnell, Ducey.

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  1. Keep in mind, President Trump is drawing this well without Twatter, Screw-tube, and most other Anti-Social Media.

  2. What a comparison President Trump’s Arizona rally was compared to President* Dementia Joe’s Virginia rally! Want more proof that the election was stolen?

  3. Go ahead. Pack your rally, suckers.

    I’ll be packing the ballot box no matter what YOU do.

    And that stupid little girl you just made an enemy out of?

    My creator, Soros, will see to it that what she said about being your next secretary of state comes true. Its kind of his brand.

    And when she does, she’s gonna call on ME for revenge on YOU.

    And I’ll be there.

    …oh BOY, will I be there…

  4. Since the will of the People was openly subverted by the stolen election, we don’t respect the office anymore. That’s a big change in the American landscape. In times past, even if we didn’t like the office holder, we were mindful to hold the office itself with regard. The Democrats changed that.

  5. Strange thing was, after two days of overcast skies and rain the sun came out for Trump’s visit. Once he left however the clouds and rain returned.


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