RINOs Booed Off-Stage At President Trump’s Arizona Rally


Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.

Arizona Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita from Scottsdale was just booed off the stage at President Trump’s rally.

She was one of the opening speakers warming up the stage for President Trump.

But things took an ugly turn when the crowd of tens-of-thousands began booing.

They booed so hard that Michelle cut her speech short and stormed off the stage! more

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  1. She also had a reporter from the Gateway Pundit arrested though he was later released. She definitely got rattled and became the infamous “a woman scorned”.

  2. If she is such a devil then why in the hell was she invited to speak at a Trump rally in the first place? It makes the Trump rally organizers look stupid. Is this the kind of people he employees to organize his rallies?

    She looks equally as bad, running away like a scared little girl. Politics is bare knuckle, stay in the arena and convince them that they should vote for you and why.

    I’m more interested in the sex scandal she found herself in;


    “The lobbyist said in a sworn deposition that she believes Brian Townsend, then an aide to the governor, was soliciting her for sex with him and his future wife, state Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, when he sent her nude images of Ugenti-Rita”

    Where are these photos? Unless I see them myself, they don’t exist, prove your case Mr. lobbyist.

  3. RINOS getting booed off stage is very important.

    It lets the rest of them see that the public knows who they are, remembers, and lets the others that are still hidden understand clearly that the people want Trump’s policies back.

    It is possible that they put her up there because the State party insisted on it and had no choice for unclear reasons, but Trumps team they have known that serious ‘Get In Line’ message was getting sent by the people.

    I honestly do not know but regardless the message gets sent very clearly.

  4. Maybe it was a set-up and the plan was to embarrass her publicly as a way to show the world that True American Patriots won’t put up with the RINO crap anymore.

  5. Your deeds and your reputation proceed you and there is no where to hide. You were just handed notice that your career in
    Conservative Politics is OVER. You are unmasked. Bye.

  6. I watched it again and she is an insolent See You Next Tuesday that really is rather full of herself. Politicians with that mindset are appealing to some, but to think that Trump supporters would have time for her shit is a window into just out of touch she is.

  7. @rich taylor – This was a TPUSA organized event. Blame for inviting her to speak falls on Charlie Kirk.

  8. TPUSA invited ALL the candidates. According to TGP:

    The rally featured all candidates for Arizona’s next Secretary of State, Governor, and U.S. Senator.

    That seems to me a perfectly reasonable thing to do especially if TPUSA wanted to avoid the appearance of endorsing anybody (though maybe they should have).

  9. “That seems to me a perfectly reasonable thing to do especially if TPUSA wanted to avoid the appearance of endorsing anybody (though maybe they should have).”

    Seems kinda silly to me. This was a “Trump” rally, why would you invite speakers that are complicit in the theft of a Trump victory in the last election? Turning Point USA is an nonprofit organization that advocates for conservative values, they sponsored it, election integrity is a cornerstone of conservative values, yet they invited a speaker who does not share those values?

    If I go to a Trump rally I want speakers who support Trump and his values like I do. This was an unnecessary distraction.

    Hopefully if TPUSA has a Trump Rally in Montana they won’t ask Liz Cheney to speak. And as a follow up, if Cheney finds herself in a similar sex scandal, she can keep the photos to herself.

  10. @rich — It was only a Trump rally in the sense that at any appearance, President Trump so far outshines any other speakers at the event it seems that way.

    In actuality, this was “A Rally to Protect Our Elections” sponsored and organized by Turning Point USA, who had President Trump as the featured speaker.

    I’m in part glad that TPUSA took the opportunity to show at least one anti-Trump election fraudster just how deep our contempt is for despicable people such as she. Her boisterous repudiation by the attending crowd sure made the news, just as it should have done.


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