Biden is kicking his own ass – IOTW Report

Biden is kicking his own ass

Kennedy calls out Biden’s refusal to accept blame for inflation

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  1. The Pedo is a sub human PoS who has never in his entire sociopathic life thought if anyone but himself.

    The sick demented and totally evil bastard is incapable of ever blaming himself because sociopaths simply cannot overcome the cognitive dissonance to allow it.

    Besides cognitive activity has never been a strong suit for this imbecile.

  2. Yuk, yuk. Kennedy sure snarked HIM!

    ..meanwhile, he’s still wrecking everything, still letting ALL the immigrants in, still fomenting war and still has the nuclear football, but sure, you capped on his fiber, so…winning?

  3. “You’ve got a budget, spend within your means, no new spending except on defense and UKRAINE.”

    excuse me, Kennedy, but fuck you and fuck Ukraine.

    Otherwise, spot on.

  4. ^^^
    Robert E. Lee would be on his horse, Traveller, who was light gray. Traveller is the correct spelling of his horse’s name. The book, Traveller, by Richard Adams is a fantastic read.

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