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Biden Promised He Was a Uniter – He is a Shameless and Lying Divider


The 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, in which black residents were murdered in bloody riots, was an opportunity for Joe Biden to be the uniter he promised to be. Instead the president gave a speech with more partisan ire than lofty ideas; more condemnation of America than belief in it.

The horror of Tulsa, where at least 39 died and likely many more as whites burned down “Black Wall Street” is a too-often forgotten dark chapter of our history, and it’s right to highlight it.

But Biden suggested that the nation hasn’t come very far in the past century, and diminished the tragedy by pretending today’s voting laws are somehow equivalent. He accused Republicans seeking to secure election integrity of being “simply un-American,” and engaging in a “tireless assault on the right to vote,” an “unprecedented assault on our Democracy.”


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  1. Just yesterday the degenerate was trying to bait two little girls with ice cream. “Would you beautiful young ladies like a tour of the White House with uncle Joe?”

  2. These ASSHOLES love picking at scabs. There is coming a time where They/Evil will pull the stitches out of these United States and cause the rest of the World to bleed to death.

  3. I never even heard about this until this moron took over with all his CORRUPT white hating family, friends and administration took over. How many blacks live in his delaware neighborhood, how many blacks went to school with his kids and grandkids, how many blacks have sat at his dinner table and ate dinner with him and his family even before he was a politician. Better then that how many little black girls hair has he stroked and told them how BEAUTIFUL THEY were. There you go you White Supremacist dribbling poor excuse for even a FAKE president

  4. Racer X – I was just reading that… this fits right in with Jackass Joe’s assertion that “Minorities… don’t know how to use the Internet or know how to get online.”
    And to top it all off this is all from a crooked, lying disingenuous asshole who has never so much as operated a lemonaid stand and thinks a web address is a phone number, but thinks the Nation needs his sage advice!!

  5. How many white people will die as a result of rage-fueled attacks by bitter, mentally ill black people who have been goaded by President Porchlight’s vile lies? This is the guy who campaigned as VP on “Republicans will put y’all back in chains” and campaigned for President incessantly on a lie about Trump and Charlottesville.

    I can’t wish death on anyone, but I can wish for him to be put out of action or face poetic justice for his hateful, murderous lies. He is a truly reprehensible human being in the worst possible place.

  6. You could solve poverty, lift every black up to billionaire status and actually cure cancer instead of weaponizing healthcare and calling it the cure for cancer like Joe is doing. You could be the next best thing to sliced bread. It does not matter, you will be painted as “un-American” simply because you did not vote for dumbocrats.

  7. @ Racer X JUNE 2, 2021 AT 8:39 AM
    “Check out Patriot Retort’s latest column for Biden’s latest racist comments that blacks don’t know how to hire lawyers and accountants.”

    Well, 80% of black voters voted for Joe, so…

  8. Thomas Jefferson — an original Leftist. Voted to block legislation that would have ended slavery. Oh, that and his homemade “bible.” John Adams SHOULD be on the twenty. Harrumph!

  9. I can’t help but laugh when I read stories about people who voted for this degenerate imbecile of a man. They all say the same thing, “this is not what I voted for”. Did you EVER listen to him when he was able to crawl out of his basement? You morons got exactly what you voted for. Now, we are ALL going to get it good & hard thanks to you.


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