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Biden Puts The US On The Road To A Chinese Social Credit System

Sam Faddis:

[…] Joe Biden recently attended the G20 summit in Indonesia. At that meeting, acting as President of the United States, he signed an agreement that includes the paragraph set out above. It pledges U.S. support for the development and implementation of a digital vaccine passport. What that means is that Biden, without any authorization from Congress, has in effect entered us into a treaty under which American citizens will ultimately not be able to travel anywhere without being able to show via some electronic system that they have had vaccines mandated by the government. MORE

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  1. It should be obvious that Joey, the Pedophile Usurper, totally rejects the basis of Americanism – that a free people govern themselves. Our Constitution CONSTRAINS the FedGov – it doesn’t give it carte blanche.

    He is worse than a traitor – he’s a Pedophile, a Usurper, AND a traitor.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Xi tole me I cud have a dozen l’il chink toddlers for my … uhh … pleasure …
    There so cute! Boys and gurlz ………. and they smell great!

  3. Not only will they control your purchasing power, they will also control what you buy. Every gun store in the Nation will be out of biz in 90 days.

  4. They’re going to have hell controlling me. I’ve never put up with being bullied and always made them pay a heavy price.

  5. I wonder what happens if you’re overseas and they implement this, how would you get back home?
    Not flying anywhere, but people I know are and they won’t get the death shot.

  6. “This entire administration must be stopped! How does it happen without destroying the whole country?”

    Carefully selected targets, perfect implementation.

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