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New Universal Flu Vaccine Uses mRNA Technology

New Scientist

An experimental vaccine has generated antibody responses against all 20 known strains of influenza A and B in animal tests, raising hopes for developing a universal flu vaccine. More

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  1. I remember a book about the waning days of Buchenwald, where a guard was was updating his records from an inmate Oberpfleger as to how many died in the somewhat sarcastically named infirmary that day. Upon receiving the number he ticked off his list and frowned as he thought of the advancing Allied forces. While thinking about the death rate vs. the number of still living prisoners, any of which could testify to his war crimes, he turned his frown on the hapless Oberpfleger and said, “But this is terrible! You are dying too slowly!”.

    …their increased use NOW or proven deadly technology’s like that…

  2. I’ve taken the flu shot for years. The results: eh.

    But this new shot? Never again: I don’t trust I’d be getting this Fauci/Klaus Schwab poison insted of a killed virus flu shot.

  3. The “FLU?” shot wasn’t available until I was 30+ years old after I had been instructed about natural immunity, been to chicken pox, measles, mumps etc exposure parties. And then my Dad informed me and his doctors that the flu shot gave him the best dose of flu that he ever had…..I forget, he was near 60…

    I’m very skeptical and frightened about the medical community now and probably forever, so now I’ll choose to exit this mortal plain naturally, or more preferably like Nelson Rckefeller, A multi millionaire and naked on top of my mistress….Wish me luck…

  4. And promoted on “Microsoft News”, what’s not to trust from Bill gates own news network.
    And on the same page:
    “Could next-generation vaccines finally end the covid-19 pandemic?”
    I guess if you kill people, it effectively ends a pandemic?

    The Flu shot is the original money laundering scheme. How many times have they said, “Oops, we used the wrong flu strain for this year”.
    Did they refund everybodies money?

    Trust a eugenicist with you heath, what could go wrong.

  5. Yeah?

    How bout Eat Shit, Fuck Off, and Die!

    “This way to the showers!”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Didn’t take the old Flu Vax and I wont take the New one.

    Unfortunately, & did get 2 COOF shots in order to work. (I regret)


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