Biden Riding Around Without Toe Clips – IOTW Report

Biden Riding Around Without Toe Clips

Joe Biden was photo opted riding around the beaches of Delaware this weekend, avoid questions from the media. Here

Note, that he’s wearing the same shoes from his fall last month, but what is missing are the toe clips that tripped him up last time. See the 4th image down. Here

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  1. ^^^^ Hey, I always use the Outdoorjohn ^^^^

    Then again I always work on Flat roofs.

  2. I’m an old kid and have three bikes each worth about 3 grand on one particular bike my shoe clips came loose on the soles and would not allow me to release and i tipped over just like Joe.
    He did have one foot loose so should have had enough seance to not fall over.
    I had both feet trapped and looked over at the lady i was riding with and said I’m fucked.

  3. I’m with Tony R, somebody poke a stick in his spokes. I thought for sure that little Joey B would have some tassels and maybe a little basket on the front of that bike.

  4. I have been riding a bicycle since I was 5, 60+ years. Someone will have to explain to me why someone would do something is fuckin’ stupid as clip your feet to a pedal!

  5. Toe clips make it so that you can pull up as well as push down. I started out with then in the eary 70s with my Raleigh super course and threw them away very quickly. Continued on for a few decades with out them no problem!

  6. Alexb,

    I mountain bike like an Eagle (I fly over the handle bars when I crash)

    However, I use studded pedals the are NOT CLIP IN or Toe Clip.

    Search: RACE FACE – ATLAS (any colour you want) and just wear a pair of Vans runners

    Just remember, if your foot slips off and they catch the back of you leg, It looks like you were scratched by a bear claw.

    Cheers, With a Crown Royal Northern Harvest!

  7. Toe clips suck. Just get a decent set of Crank Bros flats with rivets and you’ll do just fine. I like Dura Ace clipped pedals on my road bikes. Joe doesn’t need to hassle with clips or straps, especially when he can’t just ride without unending distractions.

  8. Chester Knows his shit!

    Good Advice.

    Check out the “Oil Slick” Finish on the Stamp 7 Large.

    I’m still on a high from ripping off my fasted MB run ever this weekend on my IBIS RipMo-AF. 43min 29 sec. (i used to be in the 55 min range Last year on my old bike)



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