Biden Says White Women Don’t Get Pulled Over By Cops – Says Cops Are Racists

The best response to this a-hole’s assertion is the gif below it of the guy trying to jump over a closed aisle chain.

25 Comments on Biden Says White Women Don’t Get Pulled Over By Cops – Says Cops Are Racists

  1. At this point he has no choice but to declare himself to be a member of the famous Delaware indian tribe the “Wanna Wanna Wearsum seat belts”….

  2. that Biden fella’s a full bubble off plumb

    btw, did that guy in the vid remind anyone of Beano? … sure did to me

  3. Uh, Little-Bus SloJo? Didja know most crimes are committed by blacks and most VICTIMS/WITNESSES are black? Didn’t think so. Poeleece profile blacks because most crimes are committed by blacks, expeshully in high-crime black neighborhoods. Will have a few 5 year olds explain all that to ya on visiting day.

  4. Corrupt leftists say anything to deflect attention away from their own corruption.

    In other thoughts:How about Romney and meghan McCain driving off a cliff together? Maybe they could put McConnell in the trunk.

  5. “If you were my daughter, you’d be a Caucasian girl and you wouldn’t be pulled over” – SloJoe
    With a show of hands, who thinks this is uttered by a white racist?

  6. Flag on the play. Truth Beyond Fact ™: I have witnessed police pulling over white women on the roads.

    Of course, they had to let them go when they discovered they were white!

    Ba dum, bum bum! (Cymbal crash)

  7. This from a guy whose niece escaped jail time for $100k in credit card fraud. And let’s not forget Hunter leaving drugs in a smashed up car rental. It’s not about race, it’s about power.

  8. Desperate for votes Joe continues his “They’re gonna put ya’all back in chains” theme with a slightly different approach.
    This is a pure bumbling asshole at work!

  9. “If I were your daughter, what advice would you give me the next time I am stopped by the police?”

    Don’t call momma to talk loudly about the nasty cracker cop while he’s writing your ticket.

  10. The most self-unaware comment of the year…to-date!
    “…they gonna put y’all back in CHAINS!”

  11. It’s only a Gaffe if Biden says it, but if Trump said anything even close to his “Gaffe’s” he would be loudly accused of being a liar and called that.

  12. Biden is nuts! I can prove it, he could just take a gander at my driving record and he will find out that police do indeed pull white women over.

  13. Just because you’re born into this world and observe the bad habits members of another race have in life does not make you a racist.

  14. So my daughter isn’t white? She use to get pulled over all the time by cops who had to race to catch her. Thank God she finally grew up to be responsible.

  15. So now SlowJoe lies about being a poor black child??

    I always knew he was a jerk, but I didn’t realize he was “The Jerk”.

    Shit or Shineola, pal!

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