13 Comments on Biden Seems To Have Tweeted About Trying To “Build Back Better” For Brandon

  1. His agenda? His agenda is to not crap his trousers on live TV.

    His handler’s agenda is to destroy the US.

  2. The ante has been raised!

    Now, he has to say “Brandon” AND crap his pants on live TV – simultaneously.

    Let’s Go 💩Brandon💩

  3. clever … NOT
    they’re trying to show DufusBrain is praising a handy-capped person, named Brandon, to promote his theft of citizen’s $$$. so, how dare you parody ‘Brandon’!

    I’m thinking they’re really thinking this will work
    never underestimate the stupidity of stupid people in positions of power
    (you can quote me on that … ‘Molon’s Law’)

  4. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, I think you’re right…if this is not 8chan or whatever. This could be a pathetic variation of “Trump mocked a handicapped journo”. If this is the kind of psyop our IC is resorting to, our country is simultaneously in deep shit and salvageable, as the clowns running the show are shambolic cretins.

  5. Standing on the wheelchair of a disabled in a lame attempt to control the virus that is “lets go Brandon”. Things you can do when you know the MSM will not only not find fault but spin anything into your favor.

    Democrat voter…. That is how stupid your leaders think you are; from the ones I know personally the leaders are not underestimating your lack of intelligence.

  6. Disgusting, using a handicap person to lamely try to take over the organic Let’s Go Brandon and push his shitty globalist agenda. This pretty much sums up the democrats perfectly – they use people and hit new lows daily. And the public isn’t buying it, the guy’s approval hits a new low daily.


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