Biden: So what if the eviction moratorium is unconstitutional

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Yesterday, despite the Sixth Circuit court already ruling that the CDC does not have the authority to create this eviction moratorium, the CDC extended the eviction moratorium for another two months.

And how did President Biden respond? Sure, it’s unconstitutional, but we’re doing it anyway. Worse still, Biden admitted yesterday that allowing an unconstitutional eviction moratorium to continue will give them time to send out rental assistance checks as any lawsuits challenging it work their way through the courts.

But as Georgetown law professor Jonathan Turley pointed out yesterday on Twitter, the first step any court will take is to order an injunction halting the program while it works its way through court. In other words, Biden won’t be buying time at all. more

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  1. Hahsa. Hahahaha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Turley actually believes that a court injunction is going to do anything? What does he think the court is going to do, arrest the CDC? Arrest Biden?

  2. There WILL definitely be an eviction on January 20th, 2025.

    The corpse of biden* and a Jamaican cackling blow-job aficionado will be forcefully removed from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC.

  3. Impeach. Impeach the next one. Impeach the next one. Don’t stop impeaching until we get a lawful administration.

    Campaign on that and then do it.

  4. He, and his son have shown absolute disrespect for the law. Why would anyone think that he cares?
    Even if someone else did, do you think The Big Guy would remember anything about it tomorrow?

  5. What would anyone expect from Clueless Joe.
    People tell him what to say and do, and he does it.
    The man has a long history of being dumber than a box of rocks.

  6. Wake up America your Nation has been stolen right from under your a$$ and your still sitting down.

  7. John Roberts has backed Joe 13 times the last 11 months! Most frequent “No Standing!”! Joe knows Roberts is no “Constitutionalist”! Roberts, like Joe, has no respect for the Constitution. Joe will win!

  8. Most don’t see it, but we are already under martial law. And it’s closing on fast.

    November 2022 is too far away. Even if we make it, rigged voting machines and ‘mail in’ ballots are standing by.

  9. Impeachment does not necessarily remove someone from office folks. It’s not the answer.

    I just got up so my quest this morning/today will be to see if any Republican speaks out against this. I can count those that might on one hand.

  10. we have an out of control, rogue government that thinks it can do anything it wants. If they think it, they will do it! Aaaaannnd if you think that these “suicides” are bad, hang on… they’re just getting started!

  11. The left is entrenched.they’ve dug in and are drunk on power, first it’s we’re gonna pass laws now it’s we’re gonna make laws and you can’t stop us.believe me they are sure they are right no matter what they do, bad orange man is gone now they make the rules and things are only going to get worse.
    Hopefully it will all cause an awakening in enough people to get them out of office. If not?

  12. It doesn’t matter what the courts say. The Biden administration is already violating court orders and federal law on DACA, gun control, and dozens of other issues. They don’t care. The courts can do nothing, even if they wanted to. Impeach? Not bloody likely while the dems control Congress . A massive demonstration for “redress of grievances? We saw how that worked out; imprisonment without bail or speedy trial. The constitution is dead. Im afraid there is only one solution remaining, but we are too disorganized to pull it off.

  13. Hey, Joey, if you lift the eviction moratorium, you might get Trump out of all the Dem heads he’s been living in rent-free for years. Probably not, but it’s worth a shot.

  14. You want your country back, you’re gonna have to take it back.
    Tyrants never relinquish power voluntarily (historically speaking).
    Seems Daniel Ortega did, but only because he figured out he could steal more in the private sector with a weak, divided government (but that ain’t the way to bet).
    Most of the government (elected and appointed) needs the Ceaușescu treatment.

    izlamo delenda est …

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