Biden still whispering creepily

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  1. So 25% of my paycheck on top of all the other imbedded taxes isn’t enough for you? When half the country now pays zero income tax and 50% of them get a credit? GFY Brandon.

    Saying it outloud would certainly piss me off but fake whispering it is 1000 times more infuriating.

  2. “Pay your fair share”. To support my communist agenda. Gonna pucha all back in chains. Really retard? I think naught. Coming from a guy that set up a dummy corp to avoid paying taxes THAT HE STILL OWES 500K WORTH OF TAXES ON.

  3. Also as if to imply we randomly decide what to pay week to week. It is written in the law what we are forced to do and we’re under threat of financial ruin and/or imprisonment to pay. It’s not like my husband decides this week what he thinks is fair and says golly, I don’t think I’m gonna pay my fair share

  4. Yesterday the old bastard was squinting so bad at the teleprompter I thought he was having a stroke.

    The good news is we may have three old-assed dem presidents pass away within a few months or years of each other.

  5. Hey, buddy why don’t you tax me more on the meager Social Security I get after paying into it for 50+ years. I’ll have to live to be 135 to get back what I’ve paid into the Government Ponzi scheme.

    What the government thinks is a “Fair Share” is never enough, that’s why we are $29 TRILLION in debt.
    If they don’t tax us, they just spent what they don’t have and devalue the dollar through inflation.

    We have dollars that buy fewer goods, manufacturers reduce their work force as demand is less and lay off more employees. It’s a recipe for further debt, inflation, unemployment, foreclosures and destruction of the Republic.
    That is the Plan.

  6. That insider, “I’ll let you in on a secret.” gimmick is getting very tired and old. Put a lid on it, Xiden.

  7. The filthy slobbering pedophile thinks he looks ‘cute’ whispering like the trenchcoat-wearing pedo hiding behind a shrub slyly whispering at passing school kids. That fact established, Biden’s own tax-hiding hasn’t come up again in full force—yet.

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