Biden Takes Cash From Hollywood Exec With History of Abuse


Chris Albrecht resigned from HBO in 2007 after multiple domestic assaults.

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign took money from a longtime Hollywood executive with a history of domestic assault, his most recent campaign finance disclosure shows.

Biden’s campaign accepted $2,800, the maximum allowed for a primary, from former HBO chief executive officer Chris Albrecht in April. He received an additional $2,800 from both Albrecht and his current wife, Tina Trahan, in June, his disclosure shows.

The Biden campaign took the contributions despite Albrecht’s history of abusing women. He has twice been arrested for misconduct allegations. The charges cost him jobs, though they did not stop him from finding work within the entertainment industry.

The Biden campaign did not respond to request for comment.

Albrecht resigned as chief executive officer at HBO at his employer’s request in 2007 after being arrested and charged with assaulting his then-girlfriend.

The incident occurred in the MGM Grand Hotel’s valet parking area around 3 a.m., hours after HBO broadcast a boxing match at the hotel. Police on the scene said the offense included “hitting, choking, or shoving” and said that Albrecht smelled of alcohol, was unsteady on his feet, and slurred his speech. more here

7 Comments on Biden Takes Cash From Hollywood Exec With History of Abuse

  1. …he also worked for an Indonesian fraud with a history of abusing American citizens, American businesses, and even the American military.

    …the “Hollywood” guy is pretty small potatoes by comparison…

  2. Joey released a press statement: “I was just trying to counsel Chris. I told him to just smell their hair, give ’em a tongue-bath & feel ’em up … especially the young ones, during photo-ops … hey, it works for me!”

  3. Joey’s a loser and Albrecht’s no good.

    But that being said, I’ve never quite understood this whole business about giving back donations, or not taking them in the first place, from bad people. Returning or refusing the money is, to me, tantamount to admitting that there’s some level of access being purchased, some form of quid pro quo involved. An honest politician (extremely rare, I know) would simply say that the money from a bad person would go for the same purposes, honorable of course, that a good person’s money would be used for.

  4. You can’t go through a donor list name by name and vet everyone according to their sins. You might be able to spot a few on the above $500 list, but not all the time. If pointed out, you can return the money later, although people like Hillary would never do that.

    What is more bothersome is the stuff they do when they know the person is corrupt, yet they allow them to raise the funds or benefit from the association, eg., Hillary and Harvey Weinstein, Kamala Harris criticized law firm behind Epstein’s plea deal — then accepted money from it.


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