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Biden tells teachers their students are “their kids”

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  1. I think a majority of parents in this country are incapable of following the news and/or don’t give a crap.
    The average voter seems satisfied with the cheated election, no problem.
    I’ll believe differently if people start to wtfu after the grocery store shelves go empty, but I seriously doubt anything will happen.

  2. The kidlets are only yours when it is time to feed, clothe and shelter them
    and too be responsible for their behavior, oh and to pay the bills including the teachers salaries and fringe benefits!

  3. One thing you have to admire about the stupid old Pedo, he loves to blurt out the truth about the red diaper doper babies almost every time he opens his demented pie hole.

    Demonrats and the Rinos must have brusing from all the forehead slapping.

    They plan is to send this imbecilic child molester out to campaign for the Demonrats.

    Oh please, oh please, I’m begging you, send him everywhere.

  4. Right there in keeping with

    Tutto nello Stato,
    niente al di fuori dello Stato,
    nulla contro lo Stato.

    — popular slogan of the Italian Fascists under Mussolini

    1. Everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

  5. …as disgusting as this is coming from an obvious pedophile to modern educators who apparently are ALSO pedophiles these days, I don’t think its really a hill to die on because its a fairly common figure of speech.

    I work on machines every day. I refer to those under my care as being “my machines”, even though I did not buy them, pay for them, have any say over how they are used, nor will I take them with me when I leave. They are simply “mine” in the sense that I am responsible for them within the parameters of my job. I am NOT charged with taking care of EVERY machine in EVERY building though, so when I say “My machines”, it is simply a shorthand way of saying “Those machines for which the care and feeding of that I am directly responsible for”.

    It was, and is, the same way when I have to deal with someone sick or injured. They are “My patients” for the breif period that we are associated in the necessity of the moment. They may not have ASKED to be my patients, or even be AWARE that they are my patients, but they ARE for that period of time my direct responsiblity and as such, again, they are “mine” in the sense that I am making decisions for people who currently cannot make decisions for themselves.

    In the context of teachers, when I was a student, I was “Mrs. Tafuri’s student” or a member of “Mrs. Eckler’s class” (yes, MRS, this was before First Wave feminism ruined everything). It indicated that I belonged to a group that was under the current charge of a particular teacher for the purposes of educating me and making sure my young stupid self kept focused and out of trouble or wandering the halls, and she had specific leagal responsibilities in that regard, so she ALSO had specific legal rights over me in that regard. I believe the correct term for it is that the teacher, and by extension the school, is acting ‘in loco parentis’, or in place of the parent, for the duration of the period you are inside her classroom. This extended to the physical, in that she was ALSO acting within her rights to give me a paddlin’, and I DID have some that didn’t have to do it TWICE, but that was within the rubric of discipline. As far as I can tell, it wasn’t sexy for them, and it CERTAINLY wasn’t sexy for ME.

    So at the end of the day, Pedo saying something stupid or in a weird context or in a creepy way, all of which are his wont, doesn’t really change anything that legally happens within a classroom any more than it would change the fact I would be immediately arrested for shooting the DoorDash guy through the door with a shotgun even though Pedo ALSO said that’s the best way to deal with any unexpected noises outside. It’s just a depraved, demented shell of a man rambling as his brains leak into his pants, nothing more. Any teacher listening doesn’t get any more legal rights from this, it’s still in the purview of the Board of Education and ultimately the parents as to what they can and can not do, Pedo Cheese notwithstanding. They gain nothing if they act on the maunderings of a hollowed-out Communist puppet.

    There are many, MANY more legit reasons why Pedo should be fitted for a rope swing on the nearest lamppost. If this can be the one more thing that pushes everyone over to suddenly discovering their Second Amendment responsibilities, fine, but I suspect it won’t, so it doesn’t really serve much purpose to amplify every idiot thing he says here.

    Everyone knows he’s an insane pedophile. Keep an eye on who seems to be listening to him too closely, but other than that, it’s just a perverted fool being a [erverted fool, treat it as such.

  6. According to crazy joey and his benevolent government the kids are not yours while roosting in school! When else aren’t they yours? When the government drafts them to fight and die in their world wide wars and too work at a life long job to pay most of their earnings in taxes to support non-sensical government policies, programs and illegal, criminal, invading, foreign Aliens!

  7. Co-Parenting.
    Anther concept from The Toronto District School Board roughly 10 is years ago. (& turdeau’s party)

    Look it up, IDGAF I didn’t send my kids to Pubic school. (not a typo)
    The TDSB, like most public schools are pre occupied with crotches.

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