Biden thinks he’s running for the senate

10 Comments on Biden thinks he’s running for the senate

  1. Meanwhile a bunch of Trump supporters showed up and screamed 4 more years during one of his OH events today.

  2. He couldn’t remember Romney’s name, that Mormon who was also a governor…

    Of course I hope to not remember Romney’s name once I reach my 70’s.

    Dude is a basket case.

  3. He’s running foe Senate AND President….That’s a lot of Power…He’ll be able

    to Impeach Himself ….and Veto it.

  4. Again? What is the debate commission going to do to get rid of the third debate which would actually be the second debate? I’m thinking “Yes” or “No” questions to get Trump to back out.

  5. He’s not called Dementia Joe without any justification…….you……you know…..that thing……that brain thing.

  6. The old codger can’t reliably say where he is or what he’s doing, but he never forgets his hatred of the unborn.


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