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Biden Using Taxpayer Dollars to Buy Off Swing State Voters

Daily Caller

So far, Michigan has seen $10.8 billion for infrastructure and green energy projects, while North Carolina has received $9.8 billion and Georgia has so far taken home a massive $10.5 billion, according to White House data. The administration has given Pennsylvania a whopping $16.2 billion for such projects, $6.8 billion to Wisconsin, $3.7 billion to Nevada and $8.6 billion to Arizona.

While taxpayer cash flows into these states to subsidize infrastructure and green energy projects, Biden administration officials have recently traveled to promote the administration’s massive spending as the election cycle heats up. More

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  1. I’m here in Michigan and I haven’t seen it. The roads are still covered with potholes and all my utilities prices have gone up and they always ask for more money for schools and such.
    I am aware though that they have been trying to intice the Chinese to build a battery plant and are encouraging us to pay for it.
    I haven’t seen shit!

  2. Well, who do you thinks paying for all of the coups third world law-fare bull shit they’re pulling on Trump? Much is more blatant.
    My fear is Joe Biden will expire before he faces justice. And that would be a real sin.

  3. Such dishonesty. But dishonesty is a synonym for Democrat, so what else would you expect.

    I also suspect they’re not refilling the oil reserves because the price of gas would go up if they did. That would bad for them this election season. Otherwise they would be happy to squash everyone into famine and poverty.

    The low life scum should not have drained it in the first place, but moron Dems never take notice of destructive behavior if it’s one of their own doing it and then they pretend everything is bad when someone like Trump does the right thing.

  4. There are two Georgia’s, Atlanta and the rest of the state. That money never made it out of Atlanta.

    Georgia has the best politicians money can buy. Right now I am still trying to figure out who bought them.

  5. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

    John Adams

    When a critical mass of the population has sold its soul it’s safe to say that there are going to be hard times ahead. It couldn’t be more clear what and who the Democrat Party exists to advance, they tell you every time you look at the television or turn on the radio. What was left of their shameless immorality being hidden behind a mask of some sort of Christian ethic has been no longer in play since 2020. They are out and proud Satanists at this point, and have been for four years.

    There is absolutely no commonality between them and moral and religious people. Satan is a murderer, a liar and a thief. His followers likewise.

    The Republican establishment is no better and more likely than not even more contemptible. At least the Democrats don’t lie to the face of the constituency they claim to be representing the interests of.

  6. @ Dadof4 SUNDAY, 7 APRIL 2024, 0:07 AT 12:07 AM

    The fucktard idiots who cast legitimate votes for the likes of Biden are too goddamn stupid to notice that more oil is being pumped from the Bakken Oil Field in No Dak than all but one other field anywhere in the world currently. I listened to a couple of the fucking brainless pieces of shit yammering about how gas prices falling despite Democrat policies that Trump supporters said would result in ever increasing cost of gasoline.

    They are too goddamn stupid to even comprehend that is that piece of shit got another term that the second the bastards had the power that would be shut down again immediately.

  7. Please thank Republican House Speaker Johnson and the RINOs who funded and have subsidized Biden’s massive spending in seven key swing states.

    Reminds me of the previous deceitful GOP House Leaders of Boehner, Ryan and McCarthy.


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