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Biden Wants You to Believe He Won’t Pardon Hunter

The American Tribune

Speaking to ABC News’ David Muir at the Normandy American Cemetery on the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, President Joe Biden said that he had ruled out pardoning his son, Hunter Biden, over gun charges that have been brought against him. He also said that he would “accept” the outcome of that trial, which is currently ongoing in Wilmington, Delaware. More

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  1. It’s hard to care much about this crap any more. Whatever happens to that schmuck Hunter will happen to him without my having even the tiniest effect on the outcome. All I can say is that if he appeared in my headlights on an unlit country road, he’d better have his running shoes on because somehow I just know I’d have trouble finding my brake pedal.

  2. Of course he will. Hunter is the smartest man he knows!
    And when he does, as he inevitably will have to, no one in the MSM will say”
    Hey Jackass! Did it ever occur to you that “the smartest man you know” should never have to be pardoned in the first place?

  3. Assuming Hunter is found guilty, Joe won’t be able to pardon him, either because his puppet masters told him no pardon, or because he won’t be President when the verdict comes in.

    And Martin Armstrong thinks Hillary may be back:

    “…All of a sudden, you see in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, oh, Biden is slipping behind closed doors. That would not make the press unless they wanted it to. They are floating aballoonn to see how it goes. All of a sudden, they want Biden to do a debate. Before, no debates. Why? Because they know he’s going to look bad. . . . At the Democrat Convention, they will draft someone else, and that is most likely going to be Hillary.”

  4. @Uncle Al
    “Honest officer, I was jamming on the brake but my foot slipped onto the gas pedal..”
    “Damn that Armor All… I just used it to clean the interior…”

  5. By pardoning his son, Biden could actually cost Hunter his life. Seriously. If Hunter goes to prison, he’ll be forced to clean up his act. He’ll have access to the help he desperately needs. Left to his own devices Hunter is likely to kill himself by making more stupid decisions.

  6. I’m expecting the asshole to resign about a week shy of the end of his term, then have Kamala do the pardon. That way he keeps his word as a Biden. Don’t know how they’ll do it if they are able to steal the election.

  7. Hunter will probably be sentenced to some type of “House Arrest” with an ankle monitor. He will get all the drugs he wants delivered by Door dash. He will have “community service” where he will make his “paintings’ and then donate them to some Underprivileged Community. Pardon then not needed.

  8. Pardon or not, Hunter will continue his crimes and crackhead ways…unchecked.
    It won’t end well for him, but it might end soon. He’s too self destructive to care about outcomes or consequences.


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