Bidenomics Putting Squeeze On The Middle Class

Government spending like a drunken sailor with a slice of paying workers to stay home topped with unrestricted illegal immigration and you all the makings for a Biden sandwich of economic misery. More

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  1. And let’s not forget those below middle class. They will have a very tough time adjusting to increased prices for gas, food, basic survival.

    A giant FUCK YOU to Biden and those who voted for him.

  2. Saying the gvnt spends money like a drunken sailor is an insult to sailors.
    At least Sailors are spending their own money

  3. Government spending like a drunken sailor…

    No, govt is not spending like a drunken sailor because drunken sailors have only so much money, and it’s their own money. Once that’s spent they pretty much have to stop. Not only does govt get to take your money and my money, they can conjure up as many dollars as they want by creating debt. Of course, dollars steadily lose purchasing power as more come into circulation but that effect is limited to those of us getting hand-me-down dollars. Those newly conjured ones work to make purchases at lower prices than everybody else will see after a spell of more dollars chasing the same amount or fewer goods.

    Apologize to all those drunken sailors, please.

  4. This article is insinuating they have a plan. They don’t. They’re fucking clueless and drunk with power.

  5. The Obidenbama admin seeks to destroy its base, financially, physically, mentally, spiritually.

    Yet their base adores them.

    See the grip of Satan yet?

  6. I saw a very large FU Biden flag prominently displayed outside a house on a rural road in N. Idaho yesterday. The natives are restless and very pissed of at this faux and sham presidunce. No one except stupid dumbass progtards are happy with joey and even they are starting to tire of him as well. Joey is making jimmah cartah look like a piker with all his reckless, destructive anti American policies and agenda. How this buffoon and cretin has any credibility to supposedly lead this still great country is beyond me. We are being governed by an out of control idiocracy with a very demented jester of a clown in charge.

  7. You would be wrong to say they dont have a plan!
    They created one in 1966 and have been chipping away at the United States ever since and Francis Piven is part of this administration!

  8. @Brad:

    “This article is insinuating they have a plan. They don’t. They’re fucking clueless and drunk with power.”

    Well, they’re grossly dishonest about their real motive (power), and they even lie to themselves about why they do what they do. The best way to sell a lie is to believe the lie yourself. They hate the white middle and working classes because they are the chief obstacle between the left and the absolute power they crave, and their hatred is so extreme that as long as they destroy their enemies, they don’t care if they destroy themselves. At the heart of modern progressivism is nothing but a black hole of nihilistic emptiness.

  9. When the Dims’ elections are found fraudulent, everything they did will be erased. Good times ahead.

  10. Brad,
    I think they DO have a plan – send the US into an economic tailspin similar to Weimar, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and a host of other failed states – then pick up the pieces for China at bargain-basement prices.

    The efforts are too concerted to be the result of ignorance.

    At least, that’s my take.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Mike

    That’s your problem, you took econ 101. To deny Trump had our economy booming is ignorant at best.

  12. My Publix has signs on the registers that they are no longer issuing or honoring rain checks. Translation: wholesale prices are going up so much in between truckloads that would lose money.

  13. I past a car lot today with a 2017 Jeep Grande Cherokee with a window sticker of $49K. I’m pretty sure that’s more than it sold for new.


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