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Biden’s “60 Minutes” Interview A Disaster

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Joe Biden appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday evening, and it was an absolute disaster of an interview. As I type this, stories are already coming out about how he blindsided officials in his administration and how his handlers are scrambling to clean up the mess. More

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  1. No surprises. For 40 years he has been an embarrassment to our nation. Not once has he shown leadership. He has always manifested a low IQ, cluelessness, dishonesty, delusion, zero situational awareness, and always preferred to pander to parasites. And very powerful people waited ’til he could not hide his Alzheimer’s before they rigged the election in his favor?

  2. judgeroybean – And very powerful people waited ’til he could not hide his Alzheimer’s before they rigged the election in his favor?

    No doubt that’s gonna go down in History as Uncle Xi’s Ultimate Dick Slap!

  3. I look forward to hearing after hearing in the house next year exposing the corruption and the damage done by this administration.

    Don’t impeach him though, keep uncovering the abuses and force all democrats to own them right up to November 2024. They cheated him into office they deserve to live with it until it kills them.

  4. The university indoctrinated useful idiots at CBS have always known Joe Biden is an Edsel. Impersonating Baghdad Bob, they have always tried to convince us Biden is a Cadillac. CBS played a key role in getting this worthless buffoon elected. CBS has always kept his ineptness under wraps. They have colluded with the forces of the MSM to destroy Biden’s opponents. CBS has done all they could to shroud Biden’s scandals hidden from the public. CBS has always elevated Biden beyond reality. Much of the damage Biden has inflicted on this country could have been avoided if CBS had ever been honest. Something strange is going on. Is CBS just now discovering the concept of honesty? Or is CBS throwing Biden under the bus to avert future election disasters for the communists?

  5. Why do we let our enemies get away with “worst inflation in forty years” If you use the criteria used back in the Late Seventies, inflation would be around 12%, worst EVER!

  6. Meanwhile, just saw a clip of Putin taking questions from a group of reporters in the city of Samarkand in one of those Muslostan Republics in Central Asia

    He spoke off the cuff for 35 minutes in front of microphone standing by itself .. no podium!! And everything he said was completely reasonable

    But HE’S the foaming at the mouth madman on his last legs who must be defeated even if it means the destruction of the European economy and worldwide food shortages

  7. How many times have we seen this same thing happen: Joey appears in a public venue, speaks without evident teleprompter or the like, and says things that “blind-side” staff, who have to “walk back” his utterances?

    This has happened over and over again. There’s been no substantial change to the scenario since his campaign.

    It’s now very difficult for me to avoid the conclusion that this is a deliberate part of the act. To what end? At the least it is a major distraction that gives the propagandizing media something of no actual consequence to go on and on about while not reporting on actual events, announcements of policy changes or implementations, and the effects they have on the country.

    Is there more to it than that? I don’t know. But it seems to me that there must be.

  8. The powers that be have determined that Biden is too big a liability yet makes an effective scapegoat, and this CBS “interview” is just part of the process to push him into a long overdue retirement while blaming everything on him. Biden was always a risk – at best he was a mediocre senator and now with declining mental capacity he is a danger to the party. CBS carries water for the Democrats and does their bidding – they would have not agreed to interview Biden without knowing that Biden would commit gaffe after gaffe.

    Biden’s appearances are now just Kabuki theater, and allowing Biden to embarrass himself is calculated to take the focus away from other Democrat candidates. Assuming that the Democrats are unable to cheat as much as they need to in order to win, they will take a shellacking in the House and their hope is to at least deadlock the Senate. The economy sucks, our foreign policy is a disaster, crime is up, and social unrest is increasing. Using January 6 as a scapegoat focal point is a non-starter – is anyone sad to see Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger go? – so Biden should fit the bill nicely.

  9. @Anon

    Compared to Bumblefuck Biden, Putin’s got his act together. But why would Melanie want to move to Russia? Why should she? Tell Sean Penn to go live in Venezuela if you are so fond of telling people where to live.

    It’s rich liberals (usually from the Entertainment Industry) who say they’ll leave the USA when a Conservative wins office or gets appointed to the Supreme Court.

    Conservatives love America and don’t threaten to run off to some other country when we are faced with liberal imbeciles in the White House. Take your own advice and high-tail it out of here when Trump (or another true conservative) wins in 2024.


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