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Biden’s Corruption Tainted Nominee for FAA Withdraws from Consideration

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Phil Washington, Joe Biden’s embattled nominee to head the Federal Administration Aviation, has withdrawn his nomination, sources told Reuters Saturday evening.

One of the sources, a White House official, told Reuters that “an onslaught of unfounded Republican attacks on Mr Washington’s service and experience irresponsibly delayed this process, threatened unnecessary procedural hurdles on the Senate floor, and ultimately have led him to withdraw his nomination today.”

Reuters’ piece went on to describe issues with Washington, a veteran, not having a waiver “from rules requiring civilian leadership to head the FAA” and questions about Washington’s competency and experience as obstacles, as well as a threat by Republicans to “use parliamentary tactics to object to Washington’s lack of a waiver.” More

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  1. I’m convinced more than ever that Biden’s handlers have him throw a dart at a wall with random pictures pinned to it. Who ever gets hit with the dart are the nominee.

    How else do you get a judicial nominee that’s ignorant to the law.
    And a FAA administrator nominee that doesn’t know anything about Aviation?

  2. I got my private pilot license in 1974. Nothing has changed since the dumb asses renamed everything. Now Biden has compromised the integrity of all the folks running the airports. Thanks to the affirmative action employees, I no longer fly because I don’t trust the MF’s running controlled airspace.

  3. …just so you’ll realize the stupid is international, if you watch this video about a passenger airliner crash in Thailand, you’ll hear that a contributing factor is that a ground wind shear detection system did not work because it was storming that day and the system was solar powered.

    Read that again.

    A contributing factor to a commercial airliner crash in a STORM was that a ground wind shear warning system that was SUPPOSED to detect wind shears IN A STORM was not working because A SOLAR POWERED SYSTEM CANNOT WORK IN A STORM.

    …we are living in a global idiocracy…

  4. I’m glad Pete Buttplug is concerned that the FAA chief must be “qualified “ for the position since he himself has zero qualifications to run DOT. Comedy Gold.


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