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Biden’s Deal Gives Hamas Everything It Wanted

FPM: On Oct 7, Hamas had a Plan A and a Plan B. Plan A was to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. Plan B was to pull back, stage ambushes and cry genocide while making up fake casualties and staging atrocities until its Islamist and leftist allies managed to save it while using hostages and their bodies as negotiating leverage. MORE

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  1. BTW Israel had no say in this, and is not accepting these terms. Also, IDF is continuing efforts in Rafah (Gaza) and in Lebanon, probably other places as well as they target senior Hamass officers.

  2. Biden’s long list of foreign relations failure just keeps getting longer.
    He’s been on the wrong side on every issue and decision he’s made for the past 3 1/2 years.
    We all are paying a high price for his incompetence.

  3. Joe is angling for a Nobel Peace Prize just in time for the election.

    It’ll be Joe The Inflation-Beating Nobel-Prize-Winning Hero versus That Convicted Felon.

  4. I don’t believe Biden has much to do with all he’s being used for. He’s always been a moron of the highest magnitude but he’s too far gone any longer to have any clue what’s being done in his name. When he’s gone the actual perpeTRAITORS will all be saying “It was all him, we had nothing to do with it”

  5. Ferd Berfle – Jackass Joe is a cardboard cutout they hide behind. We know it’s not Joe driving the bus, but guess what, it’s got his name on it so he owns it!


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