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Biden’s Gaza Pier Becoming a Fiasco


Heavy seas tore four U.S. Army vessels from their moorings Saturday while they were trying to assist humanitarian aid deliveries to Gaza.

Two vessels are beached along Israel’s coast near Ashkelon while the other two are anchored on the beach near the temporary pier built and put in place by the U.S. military, U.S.Central Command announced. More

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  1. Thats why, in WWII when they built Mulberry harbors, they placed breakwaters FIRST, THEN built the pier.

    …but we shouldnt expect the current bunch to give any thought to history, physics, weather, or reality now, should we? Seeing as how they all think they are smarter than God…

  2. This is stupid AF. Why the hell is the ARMY building piers and running boats and not the NAVY and/or MARING CORPS? I mean, it would have turned out better if they’d subcontracted the Paraguayan Navy!

  3. Well, at least it was OUR STOLEN MONEY that was spent on this fiasco. Its not as though American citizens had BETTER things to spend it on…like food, housing, etc.

  4. Biden will experience no embarrassment over this.

    He showered with his young daughter and apparently feels no embarrassment about that. I doubt he ever felt shame over anything.

  5. By raise of hands, anyone with more than one brain cell to rub together, did NOT see this coming?
    Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

  6. Tell me again how our government controls the weather. Then remind me about ye olde billionaires’ plans for putting dust in the air and rust in the oceans to stop climate change.

    And aren’t we supposed to be halfway to Mars by now, instead of halfway back to the Dark Ages?

  7. Becoming my ass. It’s been a cluster fuck since it was conceived in the infantile minds of shitbag leftists who have been indoctrinating the feeble minded with the childish notion that if you can dream it….

  8. @Uncle Al

    What the US Army needs is a few good Admirals, and not that fat sissy who thinks he’s a woman.

    Building a pier from the sea to land would be a perfect job for Navy Seabees and the US Marine Corps. Maybe the army should have a say regarding the land end of the pier but left the building of it to the experts.

  9. If you can’t control the outcome to feed people all the way to the dinner plate don’t go.
    This is what happens when you fire all the get er done people.
    I would guess that this was the intent of our dear government fake leaders.

  10. Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up. Remember the quote? Well, there you go. 0bama had the reverse Midas touch if you recall, everything he touched turned to shit also. Leave it to the racism of the universe, the white guy’s even better at effing things up than the colored!


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