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George Floyd Biopic on the Way


A Hollywood movie based on the life of George Floyd is currently in the works, with the title Daddy Changed the World.

The movie is expected to dramatize the life of George Floyd, whose death in police custody in 2020 was used to spark the Black Lives Matter protests and riots that lasted several months and laid waste to cities across the country just ahead of the presidential election. More

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  1. The left delights in getting people killed to drive their agenda. Lying also comes easy to them. What never fails to amaze me ipeople are stupid enough to buy it.

  2. There’s about 20 minutes worth of material on Geroge Floyd himself. Another 20 minutes on the burning of Minneapolis followed by about an hour and a half of virtue signaling and wrongful prosecution of the police.

  3. Thanks, @Dr. Tar. I had a vanishingly small desire to watch this thing, and now that has vanished completely. I’m quite sure I have better uses for my time, such as laundering my tote bags.

  4. I’m sure the “biopic” will include footage from his arrest in 2019, which nearly mirrors his arrest and subsequent “murder” in 2020, where Floyd is unable/unwilling to follow simple directions from cops, and resorts to the requisite “please don’t shoot me/I can’t breathe” routine, while jacked up on drugs, etc.

    I’m sure the biopic will include his prior arrests, and show that Chauvin did not have his knee on Floyd’s neck, that this EXACT restraint tactic was taught to Chauvin during his training, and that the Chief of Police lied about it.

    I’m sure the biopic will include footage of our FBI and members of Congress genuflecting, some in “Kente cloth,” to this criminal’s memory.

    In no way will a biopic of Floyd be able to tell the story of the devastation his life and legacy have wrought on our nation.

  5. Georgie “Sleepy” Floyd, the pregnant woman pistol whipping home invader with a heart of gold. In order to make it a complete Hollywood moral clusterfuck, they should have that big ugly black woman from the disastrous Ghostbusters remake play Floyd.

  6. Ted Nougat
    SUNDAY, 26 MAY 2024, 18:08 AT 6:08 PM

    “I’m sure the biopic will include footage of our FBI and members of Congress genuflecting, some in “Kente cloth,” to this criminal’s memory.”

    …I bet Nancy wouldnt have been so quick to do that if George had thumped her gay husband in the head with a sex hammer after a gay prostititution thing went wrong at her crib…

  7. WTF has happened to this country. Could it be fluoridated water, food additives or clandestine mRNA delivery that has driven Americans insane? What would possess an individual to want to see a movie based upon a POS like George Floyd? Any hope for a return to normalcy has completely disappeared.

  8. George Floyd or Floyd George? Most of the time I can’t even remember the order. He has two first names.

    Maybe his parents named him after LLoyd George, WWI era British PM, but stuck an F in front of Loyd because they knew he was “effed”.

  9. I hope HollyWierd spends hundreds of millions on it, and rakes in…..tens of thousands… the box office. And goes bankrupt in the process.

  10. Maybe they will have a part of the sound track that famous rap “song” from back in the day’ I ‘lef my wallet in El Segundo” Real gold, that one.


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