Biden’s Handlers Wanting to Put Chicago Convention Business Online – IOTW Report

Biden’s Handlers Wanting to Put Chicago Convention Business Online


Trumpeting the success of their Covid-era convention four years ago, some in Biden’s orbit are aggressively pushing to make the 2024 conclave a hybrid production. That would mean in-person speeches from the president, party luminaries and rising stars to draw television attention alongside a mix of pre-recorded testimonials and videos from other parts of the country.

The goal: drive maximum viewership on television and the internet while minimizing live programming and openings for protest in Chicago’s United Center. This would mean moving party business, such as rules and platform votes, off the floor and denying would-be demonstrators a chance to seize on contentious debates. More

24 Comments on Biden’s Handlers Wanting to Put Chicago Convention Business Online

  1. “and rising stars”

    Asking with zero amount of snark, who are these rising stars in their party?

    Are they talking about Mr. alarm puller Jamall Bowman, or that douchebag Dan Goldman?

    They certainly have their share of dumpster fires, maybe they are playing the opposites game again.

  2. The cameras and the media are going to be covering the disaster that’s going to be taking place and making comparisons to 1968.
    I don’t think there is anything the Dems can do to stop the shit show that’s deservingly coming their way.

  3. The Dems are holding their convention in Chicago (home of Boeing) at the United Center (sponsored by United Airlines).

    No-no-no, there aren’t any jinxes here. Nope! Let’s hope the security honcho (honcha? honchx?) is a DEI hire.

  4. Madam Chairperson, the great State of Minnesota, home of mosquitoes the size of donkey dicks and crazy Islamic women who look like they’ve been run over by Milwaukee garbage trucks, gives all 92 votes for the next shitbag of the United States, Joeseph Robinette Biden.

  5. Protests hell. The Democrat base are the heirs to the Manson family’s legacy. They created this monster and loosed it on the world. Serves the bastards right that the monster has turned on its creator.

  6. Y’all are welcomed to come. Make sure to visit Chicago’s famous Southside, sample the grilled Polish sausage, brats or Italian beefs. Most important to have a nice mostly peaceful walk after midnight on the Southside.

  7. Hey Anonymous, can you score me some tickets for the Jussie Smollett walking tour? I hear it’s sponsored by a couple of big black Nigerian Trump supporters and a complimentary noose is included with each bought ticket.

  8. The Palisatanic-loving sickos will invade the United Center and its surroundings and make it chaos regardless of whoever shows up there. What happened in 1968 will be nothing compared to what’s coming. Chicago doesn’t have enough police for one thing. National Guard may have to be called in.There will be blood.

    I think it’ll be Biden’s Waterloo, whether he shows up in person or not.

  9. When you go for walk on the Southside after midnight make sure to wear your Red MAGA hat.
    You’ll be given wide berth.
    Big black Nigerians, they’re welcomed too. Do they have a preference, daisies or tulips?

  10. He must really be in bad shape now.
    An actual meat puppet
    Delegates have already been chosen and most paid for flights and hotels, etc.
    They aren’t going to want to lose that money
    Delegates pay for all that themselves.

  11. I’m old enough to remember 1968. (I graduated that year). Mayor Daley handled the rioters with police dogs, billy clubs, tear gas and water cannons. This DEI mayor would probably invite them to a Cubs game.

  12. Playing hide the weenie with the base. Archie Bunker used to be the base, now even Al Sharpton’s too reasonable to be a base participant. Sick folks all the way down on the left, just sickness, phlegm, running sores, stench, jncontinence, suppurating pustules and queers with their additional diseases. Not even pedo Joe or CS Kamala want to be in any propinquity with the base.

  13. After the “convention” they’ll have to hire fumigators and pest control teams, along with a battalion of janitors to come to the United Center and do a thorough clean up.


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