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Biden’s Pitch to Senior Voters Is Hilariously Awful


Is the mainstream media waking up to the fact that Joe Biden is more than a few fries short of a Happy Meal? This week, the Washington Post published a column from Kathleen Parker which declares, “Biden’s steady decline the past few years — his stumbles, his search for words, his occasional blank stare — has been impossible to ignore.” She notes that this decline “isn’t a reflection of character; it’s part of the natural order of life, and it isn’t ageist to take note.”

It’s hard to believe they actually printed this. 

She went on to acknowledge that Kamala Harris is also a drag on the ticket, and suggests that the key to Biden overcoming his — let’s call it “Joe Biden-ness” — is to replace Kamala Harris on the ticket with Hillary Clinton. more here

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  1. First of all seeing it was from Kathleen Parker I knew it was going reek like Dementia Joe’s diaper. Harris was an awful pick and is a loser. Putting Hillary on the ticket will probably sink the floating turd in the toilet democrats for good. Sure the crazies on the left will vote for her but most of America has Clinton fatigue. I don’t rule out Joe dropping out for medical reasons and it could be anybody’s guess who they prop up to replace him.

  2. I don’t honestly know how any senior citizen could possibly vote for bidumb (I almost wrote bidump by mistake but that would fit stinky/poopy joey well at this point) let alone any democrap. I haven’t voted for a democrap in 40 years since I was 31 in 1984.

  3. Trump challenged Biden to a cognitive test, then forgot the name of his doctor. Oh well, what state am I in again? Sir, your at Mar-a-lago. Oh dats right, New Jersey.

  4. There’s not enough senile voters to hold the Demwit ticket of Clinton and Harris to replace Dementia Joe – even the dead ones.
    Also, doubt most Gen Z that can vote even know who Hellary Clinton is or care. They would think she’s a joke.

    Even more hilarious would be Demwit voters getting Big Mike as the Democrat presidential candidate. What fun it would be to watch Demwits try to excuse Big Mike’s male member.


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