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Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0?

After Russian Nuclear Sub ‘Kazan’ Arrives in Havana, US Navy Sends Fast Attack Submarine USS Helena to Guantanamo Bay in Show of Force.

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  1. Do you think anybody’s told Biden yet? There’s also warships off the East Coast of Virginia and the Carolinas. Still, they’re putting all their focus on trying to destroy Trump.

  2. We put our troops, our missles, and our planes with nuclear capability in Ukrane, and our troops targeted our missiles on Russian nuclear detection sites IN RUSSIA “for the Ukrainians”.

    Seems like THAT is like the US doing the Cuban Missle Crisis to Russia, but worse because Castro never targeted military installations and killed soldiers in Florida.

  3. Our misguided animosity toward Russia is about 65 years too late.

    Elect Donald Trump for world peace.


    Take a Satan II up your city’s ass.

    From Russia with love.

  4. The fucking Satanists are absolutely trying to start a world war. But then again we already knew that. The fuck else explains their rush to build or complete underground bunkers as soon as they installed their puppet in office.

    Once is coincidence, twice may be happenstance, the third example is an act of war.

  5. They don’t care how many US citizens get killed. We’re just unwanted population to them. They think they can survive a nuclear attack and that they can then rule the ruins, so they are going to provoke one.

  6. …and another thing. If you don’t think that they are the least embarrassed by having their puppet shit his pants repeatedly while representing the United States on the world stage you deserve the contempt these shooed hold you in. It was no coincidence that he shit his pants in public once again the very week he threatened to deploy F15s against anyone who opposes their tyranny. This kind of shit is not an accident, it is not unplanned, it is not evidence of anything other than what it obviously amounts to.

  7. @ Just Sayin’ SUNDAY, 16 JUNE 2024, 11:23 AT 11:23 AM

    They think the communists will welcome them as comrades in arms. It’s unfortunate that to see how their machinations play out in that regard would require that the Communists prevail. They wouldn’t last ten seconds.

  8. The UN deserved to be annihilated at its birth in San Francisco in 1945 with Alger Hiss as one of its charter signers. It should’ve been aborted then and never existed in the first place and the world would be a lot better without it.

  9. In the 1960’s I recognized the UN for what it is while still in grade school. It was nothing but the left keeping their wet dream alive after the defeat of their Axis allies defeat.

  10. We want it all destroyed, everything, all/any America, all gone. The previous message was from the Destroyed America Fund, aka Trimp is our savor/our 666 one.

  11. Eat my panties gurlfriend, I just know you’ll love week old tasty ones. Pride, sure you can take pride in & enjoy being you partake in promoting a shitstain.

  12. OMG! Wow do I ever remember that day. I’m a surgical nurse, at lunch that day a group of surgeons joined us at lunch, they were discussing the probabilities of an attack, they thought it could easily happen. I couldn’t wait to get off work, get in my old Volkswagen and drive as fast as I could from Buffalo to Syracuse. Nothing was going to stop me from getting home. A very scary day.


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