Bill Nye, the Punchable Face Guy

In a rambling, stupid and condescending video on reproduction, Bill Nye tries to tell Pro- Lifers to just accept his understanding of “science” and stop being so unreasonable about abortion.




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  1. Hopefully his spirit will be filled with absolutely nothing for all of eternity as he embraces it. Seems lonely and sad to me.

  2. The first question I ask abortion lovers is “Have you ever witnessed and abortion’? Resoundingly the answer is no. So they really don’t know what they’re talking about.

  3. To be honest, I would never punch anybody in the face unless he was actually attacking me or mine. But for some jerks, thinking about it sure has a strong appeal!

    Speaking of fantasies, does whacking somebody in the head repeatedly with a baseball bat qualify as “punching”?

  4. I only managed to stomach the first minute, but if I understand his “logic” correctly, then an abortion is no different than an egg that doesn’t develop. And I guess by his reasoning, since we’re all going to die eventually anyway, there shouldn’t be any penalty for murder.

  5. That doofus looks like a cross between a forceps baby and the creatures they talk about on Coast-To-Coast-AM.

    Hey, bud…FDR in Hell is saving you a seat next to a Nazi doctor at dinner. Bon appétit!

  6. Bible’s not 5000 years old, it’s around 3500 for the earliest written sections, so he’s off by 1.5 millennia, or 15 centuries. There’s also nothing in the Bible or other Christian writings about every single sex act leading to a baby. How did this guy manage to get a college degree in the first place?

  7. A straw man argument from a man who’s a living scare crow.

    And talk about low energy, he barely has enough spark in the video to keep his heart pumping.

  8. So, an engineer tells me that life doesn’t begin at conception, but then never tells me when life begins. Next, as a dude and after telling me “It’s science” tells me it is none of my business because I am a man. Next, women post this video all over the internet agreeing that a mans opinion on abortion is none of my business because I am a man.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.


    Nil Bye resembles something feathered and crazy like Heckle or Jeckle meets Norman Bates or maybe just both attributes in one such as Sonny The Cocoa Puffs Bird.

    He once sprung a surprise wedding on his fiancé who lost her marbles when she found out it was invalid. Later she ninjaed onto his property, and poured poison onto his plants and planned to throw it into his eyes. Global Warming?

  10. As I listened again, Billy is upset that “a lot of men of European decent” are making the rules on abortion. So what he is saying is a bunch of white guys hate that PP aborts black kids and those same men want to stop it…and we are the racists? Really? Fug you billl nyyee the asshole guy!

  11. Nye is the useful idiot who convinced fools that we should fear “global warming” because of the intense ’05 hurricane season, oops, you talked out of your ass Nye, I know hurricanes Nye, have had them as unwelcome house guests, you’re no hurricane expert.

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