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Bill of Rights Day

National Today: The Bill of Rights Day is observed on December 15 in the United States. It’s an important day to celebrate America’s Constitution and the framework of society that ascribes rights and freedoms to society.

Bill of Rights Day commemorates the ratification of the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, with the National Archives documenting its many celebrations of the day. The Bill was introduced by James Madison, who later became the fourth President of the United States.

Now, The Bill of Rights is displayed in The Rotunda of the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C., as a reminder to all Americans of their constitutional freedoms. MORE


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  1. With the exception of the Third Amendment, dealing with the quartering of troops, I do not believe that the Bill of Rights would pass our present day Congress (assuming any present politician would even bother to introduce these amendments), nor would a Democrat President ever sign such a bill.

    That’s a sobering thought.


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