Biden Admin Buys U.S. Navy Luxury Bidet Equipped With ‘Effective Enema Function’ – IOTW Report

Biden Admin Buys U.S. Navy Luxury Bidet Equipped With ‘Effective Enema Function’

WFB: The U.S. Navy under President Joe Biden spent hundreds of dollars on a luxury bidet complete with a remote control and a massaging feature, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon through a public records request.

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A December 2021 government requisition order obtained by the Free Beacon shows the Navy spent $553 on Bio Bidet’s BB-1000 bidet seat attachment for a toilet on the USNS Yuma, a high-speed military transport ship.

The $553 bidet, which retailer Bidet King described as having a “rabid cult following” because it has “the absolute strongest spray pressure of any electronic bidet seat on the market,” boasts a slew of features such as an “effective enema function” to go with its high price tag. A brochure for the bidet says the BB-1000 comes with a heated seat, a blow dryer, a remote control, a deodorizer, and several spray functions, including “pulsating massage” and “turbo wash,” which is described as a “whirly mass of soft water spray to stimulate bowel movement.” more

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  1. If someone in the military needs to “stimulate their bowel movement” I would suggest sending them on covert ops where live fire is a probability.
    That should get them stimulated.

  2. In an amongst all the recent news about the luggage thief, so-called “transexual” nuclear waste guy who was subsequently fired, I saw pics of him in his “pup handler” costume. I’m so naive, I truly thought he was in charge of Brandon’s biting dog.

    Anyways. . .I also saw pics of some “retired” Army guys; one who apparently had an official photo taken in his uniform with a chest full of ribbons — also in his sick-o “pup” mask. The story quoted him as being wary about wearing his mask in the office for fear that he would be teased. Teased?! That was his ONLY fear?! That he wouldn’t be accepted?! Then there were photos of him and 3-4 other Army guys with their “pup” masks and bondage gear.

    Is this what the U.S. military has become?

  3. Getting away from the perversion and politics for a moment, I want to praise the BioBidet BB-1000. I have to take medication that has the unfortunate side effect of causing constipation. Stool softener helps but isn’t a complete fix for the problem. The BB-1000 pretty much IS the fix. My quality of life would take a serious hit if I didn’t have mine.

    BTW, the alternative to taking that particular medicine would be constant pain from hip to calf. No thanks, I’ll take the automated enema and stay pain-free.

    If the reason the Navy bought and installed the gadget was to accommodate (see what I did there?) perverted personnel, then they all deserve all the ridicule and condemnation we can throw at them!

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