Bill Whittle On The Recent Violent Demise Of Iran’s Terrorist General

If we can’t have Bill Whittle for president to handle the bad actors of the world, we can still have Donald Trump to do it instead. In the latest Right Angle, Mr. Whittle explains in terms even a democrat can understand on the necessity of removing Qassem Soleimani permanently from world affairs. Watch

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  1. What Bill Whittle said about bullies is spot on.

    One time in High School, I was confronted by a bully that wanted to “test my mettle”. Of course, at the time I didn’t know that, I just knew he wanted to cause me harm. He had several friends with him and when he didn’t let me pass him in the hallway, I looked him in the eyes and stepped TOWARD him and got in his face.

    That was the only thing I could think of to do because I knew he would attack if I backed away or tried to run. That happened several times that week to others in the school. As I stood there staring at him, he looked at his friends, laughed nervously and made a comment that I wasn’t worth the trouble. As they walked away, only then did I let my knees start knocking, but I walked away without a backward glance.

    Of course, I never went down that hall by myself ever again.

    Our nation must confront the “bullies” and give them justice. Never back down, never surrender.


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