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Bio on Jill Biden Only Sells 250 Copies in First Week

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Politico reports that a recently published biography of Jill sold just 250 copies in its first week of circulation.

The Politico article cites the poor sales of Jill: A Biography of the First Lady by AP reporters Julie Pace and Darlene Superville as an example of why journalists are so bummed out now that a Democrat is in charge. More

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  1. Doktor Jill has her hands on the Greatest Story Never Told. All she has to do to make millions is to admit that Poor Joey stole the election, and explain how she propped him up for the last three years. If she tells the truth about the millions he made off the Chinese and the Russians, so much the better. I tell you this would be a real blockbuster! Of course, the day this happens we’ll all know we have been living in the Twilight Zone rather than the Dementia Zone, where big, white, mute rabbits run the Country.

  2. Allegedly Had an affair with a Pedo (source: Bill Stevenson 1st husband claims she was getting pounded out while working on the campaign) She looked MUCH younger than her age which is Joey’s Modus Operandi. I’ve seen the pictures.

    Raised a Pig (Hunter)

    Got her Dr. Degree from a University that is severely Joey Sympathetic, & apparently her thesis is total amateur hour. (national review, Kyle Smith, Dec 16/2020 -yahoo news)

    Teaches REMEDIAL ENGLISH at a Community College. It’s not Shakespeare.

    She has become a Part time Babysitter & points to exactly what legislation Joe needs to sign to Maintain their “deal” with the DNC, WEF & to keep the “Famiglia” out of Jail.

    Currently abusing 1 Elder and assisting the collapse of The ENTIRE free WORLD.

    There. No Charge!

  3. So, how much was her “advance?”

    $20 million, like Obola’s?
    (I don’t know what it was but it was massive)

    Maybe DHS Ministry of Truth will require we buy it? Like Himmler did “Mein Kampf?”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. The remainder unsold copies will wind up at The Dollar Tree. That’s where I saw hundreds of copies of Hillary’s “It Takes a Village.” Not long after I saw that, hundreds of copies showed up at The Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores. I’m positive they ended up in the recycle bin to be shredded.

  5. I hope she tells us how she nurtured and raised two well-adjusted and wonderful people like Hunter and Ashley.
    Regrettably, even if the book was free, that would be too much.
    When they put it in the med school library, it will be classified under Parasitology or at some vet school subtitled “The Life and Times of a Delaware Swamp Lizard”.
    If you do buy the book and it’s autographed, but sure to microwave it first. Ten to 20 minutes should do.

  6. It’s not that books by these idiots actually ‘sell’. Rather, they are bought in gross numbers (wholesale) by via bribery, (Who says they are actually even printed or delivered?) like Hillary Clinton getting 14 million dollars to write a book no one has bought; or Obama getting paid 63 million to write a book no on bought.


    In Jill The Jerk’s case: Biden is disposable, and is in the process of being flushed down the toilet – his idiot wife with him. So, no bribery money is necessary to ‘buy’ her fake book, written by someone else (just like that other ‘First Idiot’, Michelle Obama, and “Princess” Harry:

  7. The “order” from the AFL-CIO and Teamsters hasn’t been logged in yet–at the rate of one copy per union hall, she’ll be #1 on Amazon for a century. BTW, there’s no truth to the rumor that Dollar General has it on the remainder table for 25 cents–it’s still 45 cents.


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