Bipartisan Senate bill on gun violence stalls over red flag laws, ‘boyfriend’ loophole – IOTW Report

Bipartisan Senate bill on gun violence stalls over red flag laws, ‘boyfriend’ loophole

JTN: The top negotiators on a bipartisan Senate deal spent hours Wednesday attempting to work out differences that are keeping both sides from moving forward with the framework deal.

As of Thursday evening, the negotiators had publicly provided no material updates. 

Over the weekend, 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans announced they had come to an agreement for a framework of proposals targeting gun violence, following a series of mass shootings across the country, include a May 24 attack at a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school in which 19 students and two teaches were killed. 

The senators have since been trying to find legislative solutions to curb such violence in ways in which both parties can promptly agree – in response to Americans’ call for action.

However, two issues are reportedly holding up negotiations – the so-called “boyfriend loophole” for gun ownership and a measure that would incentivize states to implement violence prevention programs.

Closing the “boyfriend loophole” would address the issue that while married partners who perpetrate domestic abuse are barred from purchasing guns unmarried partners are not. more

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  1. Don’t worry, the King of Reaching Across the Aisle-Lindsey-and his side kick-Cornyn-are working over time to twist some arms. Fucking scum. How do TX & SC keep reelecting these assholes?

    Someone, some where is going to get red flagged and he ain’t gonna go along.

  2. m. mccornhole, j. cornhole et al: keep sucking drat/commie dick & swallowing. you goper-assholes are nothing but dogshit to me.

  3. Maybe someone could red flag Graham. That would end it in a hurry.

    And if we allowed schools to be protected as well as the elite we could end school shootings as well.

  4. In case you don’t already know how this would be implemented:

    So, if you are involved with Jane’s Revenge
    Jane’s Revenge Declares “Open Season” on Pro-Life Centers
    one would expect that would qualify as a “red flag.” However: DOJ refusing to prosecute man for arson of NYPD car during BLM riots, congressman says

  5. These are laws that should only be supported by a fringe few, and laughed at by the rest. The fact that they could pass is incredibly scary.

  6. So, if you go to the local School Board and point out the obvious and transparent grooming of children by the pedophiles and perverts they hired that in the mind of the voice for pedophiles and perverts in the DA’s offices in every Democrat hell hole in America makes you a domestic terrorist and subject to red flag laws. This is not just an attack on the Second Amendment, it is an attack on the First Amendment as well.

  7. ^^^^^ I wear a gun wherever I go. And I can protect my child with my gun. Can you?
    If you think any law will keep guns out of the hands of bad people you are dumber than a box of rocks

  8. “As our children die, this is acceptable, our gun rights are more important”

    Children wouldn’t be dying if our “gun” rights were respected.
    We sacrifice our children to perversion and tyranny – nihilistic totalitarianism.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. @Tim got to the lamest excuse I EVER heard, respected WTF? IDIOT
    Just give ur kids more guns, doing the rest of us a bigly favor. Kill more of you please!

  10. It’s one-liner, Troll insult Friday!

    (And I’ll wager the DNC pays you by the line. Right? Plus, you’ve got at least a dozen tabs open in your browser to various Conservative websites. Man, your fingers are just burnin’ up your keyboard! Woo hoo! Ain’t political activism great!? And you don’t even have to think and type a thoughtful, analytical comment! Just boilerplate insults ready to go. That’ll show those Conservatives!)

  11. Sorry Judy, I’m not your type. No man bun. Besides, you couldn’t pay me enough to even get. Close to that smelly snatch.

  12. too bad you worthless senate-whores can’t get a 1-day recall & have your fggt-asses permanently removed from gubmint @ any level. same with the dipshits in TX.

  13. Brad, my carry gun is a Ruger 9mm.
    At home have more firearms around the house.
    With all the Africans and Haitians around here now I don’t go out without a firearm.
    Couple of knives too.

  14. Republicans, doing everything in their power to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.
    These effing people! Just protect the Constitution like you swore to do and we’ll be fine.

  15. Beachmom

    Good job. When you look back 10 years, even 5 years, it’s disgusting how far our society has fallen. We can thank Soros and the progs for that

  16. Stompin on American rights, the Patriots of Russia, The Putin Brotherhood, long live Vlad, our idol.

  17. So, basically, any nutty communist cunt can claim some guy is her “boyfriend” and have him stripped of his 2A rights. What is the standard of documentation to say that some guy is anyone’s “boyfriend”? A marriage is defined by a license, a legal document. There is no such documentation for declaring someone a “boyfriend”.

  18. 19 students and two teachers would not have been killed, if the Police hadn’t stopped the funeral worker that was headed in after the shooter.

    If the Uvalde police hadn’t stopped Border Patrol SWAT team from entering school sooner.

    Uvalde was all a set up, the Democrats let those kids die to further their agenda and the trolls here are responsible as well.

  19. we can’t let anyone see what actually happened because, you know – demonstrates that we are imcompetent assholes. that’s why we hired shit-lawyers on the taxpayer dime, to protect our useless asses from being fired & sued. true or false?

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