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Audubon Society Goes Cuckoo For “Bird Drag”

National Audubon Society

The National Audubon Society has partnered with drag artist Pattie Gonia to invite the LGBTQIA community outdoors this pride month and to ensure they have a safe and welcoming experience while there. As part of the collaboration, Audubon is releasing the first two of four videos celebrating Pride in the outdoors, on June 13 and 21. More

A sample of Pattie Gonia’s exhibitionism Here

16 Comments on Audubon Society Goes Cuckoo For “Bird Drag”

  1. I wonder if “Pattie Gonia” knows that the name means “Land of the Big Feet People”?

    It isn’t much of a stretch to say it means Sasquatchistan.

  2. i’m going to play tom lehrer’s “poisoning pigeons in the park” as a token of respect, FU

  3. Not going to watch.
    On today’s Odins Men a guy in drag gives the people bringing children to drag shows a good scolding.
    He’ll probably lose his gigs.

  4. Oh FFS… These assholes who run all the schools, agencies, and NGOs are all cut from the same hyper-conformist brain-dead cloth. Once they sense that something is the “latest thing” to gain approval from those with more power, they embrace it wholeheartedly no matter how fucking demented, stupid, destructive, or evil it may be. The “latest thing” is clearly catering to paedo faggots who pretend they’re women.

    Why not “nurse story hour” or “fire fighter story hour”? Why are paedo faggots who pretend they’re women so fucking important?

  5. If I was bird watching and some drag queen showed up, I’d tell them to GTFO, yer scaring the Wildlife!

  6. Umm.. they’re posing as demoniod freaks right in our faces, and some still do not see the spiritual side of this war?

  7. @TheMule June 17, 2022 at 3:01 pm

    > Why are paedo faggots who pretend they’re women so fucking important?


  8. If you study the role of birds in scripture, and you consider that one of satan’s MOs is to mock God, then this video is a clear message. But the vast majority will never see the link.

  9. There are very few non-profits the progressive movement hasn’t infiltrated and corrupted to serve it’s greater agenda. I lived through the dirty motherfuckers attempt to infiltrate and bastardize the movement a friend and I organized to advocate for people with disabilities. Had they gotten more than foot in the door before we invited them to vamoose, those disabled people would have been USED to augment the crowd of miserable, maladjusted malcontents they could muster to show up at their events.

    You have to be particularly suspect of any non-profit these days. Way too many of them are nothing more than the Democrat machine’s farm club, where they install their “up and comers” to vet them before running them for local office.

  10. The progressive movement doesn’t give a flying fuck about the people they supposedly care about. They identify vulnerable and/or victimized populations for one purpose and one purpose only. To exploit them use their condition to advance their own agenda. It stands to reason that this would cross over into any other population they identify. They are opportunists, plain and simple.

  11. Yes very demonic “Pattie”. I’m sure you and your master are quite “proud” of yourselves.
    And how about a hand for the Audubon Society for being so “woke”.


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