Bishop Gropes Young Singer at Aretha Franklin Funeral

Ariana Grande is the target of some cheap feels.

This guy is the Joe Biden of the cloth.

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  1. Half the priestS in Africa have wives and many more have girlfriends with kids. Why does the church ask mortals to live in an unnatural situation.??
    THAT being said::: when was the last time you sAW a black man celibate????

  2. Did they mention Bill Clintons hard on? Hes nearing death and still gets it up. On a positive note, Jesse Jerkson could barely stand up and needed to be pushed out of his seat. He looks like he will be partying in hell with Mcshitstain shortly. I noticed all of these relics are aging rapidly and need nurses aides to help them walk. I wondered if maybe Trump has cut off the magic drugs and baby blood they get from the congressional pharmacy. Has that much time really passed that this crew has become elderly infirms or is Satan just having some fun? It was striking to see Clinton, Jerkson, Sharpton, and Faracon sitting in a row and all of them looked like rotting old cadavers.

  3. Miss Grande wears a mini skirt to a funeral. A bishop grabs a feel. An ex-president leers at her. Surprised anyone?

  4. joe6pak, my thoughts exactly. How do you wear a dress like that to a funeral? People have a comic book view of life after.

  5. There is a dead body in the room and yet they all behave as if at a party.

    Aretha was just an excuse to perform, party and perv out. She was treated as just another decoration, ranking just above the flowers but below the TV Cameras and sound system.

  6. And what is the deal with what is described as a solid gold casket? Plated, or really solid gold? Either way, that is a bit tasteless if you ask me. How long do you think it will take for those Detroiters to dig that up?

  7. “Bishop” Pervert is a real freak. He’s got that “anything is up for grabs” vibe. He better repent or he’ll be kindling in Hell.

  8. Ariana Grande? Dude was just tryin’ to keep her wasted self from floppin’ off the stage. Hey! Is that…? What’s Hillary’s “doctor” been up to, lately?

  9. Our great uncle (a lawyer and known womanizer), at our grandmother’s 90th BD party wedged himself between my sister and myself, put his arms around our “waists” and copped a two sisters feel. We knew what he did, but how do you punch out the old codger without killing him. We were in our twenties at the time.

  10. You can clearly see how uncomfortable she is and she’s pulling away.
    Serves the doughnut licking asshole right anyway. Ha

  11. Pretty sure a Bishop can perform his duties with all his fingers broken, with the added bonus of him keeping his cotton(brief)-picking fingers to himself.
    A plan worth considering for the entire catholic clergy.


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