Black Democrat Attacks White Democrat – Charging Racism – Because He Handed Out Free Watermelons To Potential Voters

Yes, I’m sure the black democrat was trying to make some sort of racist statement when he was handing out watermelons to people.


Never mind that he handed them out to whites and blacks, and that he’s made it a tradition to pass out fruits and vegetables to constituents every July 4th, as soon as watermelon was involved it became racist.

I want to know how the democrat feels to be the recipient of left-wing lunacy.


23 Comments on Black Democrat Attacks White Democrat – Charging Racism – Because He Handed Out Free Watermelons To Potential Voters

  1. What a tired ass complaint.
    Plow all the watermelon fields and ban them from the country. No exports, no imports. Happy? What will he go after next? Wheat bread? Fucking instigating asshole.
    That black guy’s racist. Why isn’t he racist for linking watermelons to slaves, when no one else does?
    That man is a weakling and a cheater.

  2. I have now joined the 21st century. I no longer order black coffee, and I now let my black dog ride in the front seat.

    Just to be safe..

  3. Waffles and chicken is racist. I’m not seeing how watermelon is racist.
    Is there a list of fruits that are racist?

  4. Jarvis Dprtch should be bitching at the citizens who accepted the watermelons if he actually believes the stuff he is whining about.

  5. Red on the inside …
    green on the outside …

    Yep … don’t get much more racist than that!

    I hate racist fruit!
    And racist vegetables!

    Death to the racist fruits and vegetables!

    Wait … that don’t sound right, either …

  6. And, OF COURSE, if he had instead offered PB&J on white bread, he would have been accused of RAAAAAAAACISM!!! as well. The Left must be eradicated.

  7. Our family had watermelon for dessert two nights ago. So that makes us… what exactly?
    I’m half Italian, and I assure you: if someone handed me a slice of Sicilian pizza I’d be thrilled, not offended.
    How in the hell did food ever get wrapped up in racism?
    I LOVE fried chicken and hush puppies, but if I offered some to a black friend I’d be a racist?
    The left is nuts. They don’t want to be happy.

  8. Ban watermelon and those juicy southern peaches. Don’t forget the fruits and vegy’s declared haram to Motard women like bananas and cucumbers because they remind some daft imams of a phallus..

    No more white or brown bread, no more white or brown eggs, sugar, etc.
    Why doesn’t this jackass just STFU.

  9. I always feel black whenever I eat watermelon. I just never knew why. Apparently black folks now have a monopoly on watermelon eating and don’t want to integrate the practice. It is also now apparent why that white girl claims she is black. She must have gotten a hankering for watermelon while picking cotton and it became a permanent and devolving condition !

  10. I’m still trying to figure out how 7 years has passed and we never tagged Obama with the nickname BOjangles.

  11. Around here, it’s not racist until you assume a black person wants Orange Sody Pop with their watermelon.

    Ooh the looks you get… but they take the orange sody pop anyway.

    Fer reel, man.

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