Black Faces With Black Voices- it’s what the left wants

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  1. Lazlo has a few dueling scars.
    Do I need to have a dueling scarred voice?
    Must I now advocate for Seconds’ rights?
    Should I speak truth to power to Big Duel?
    Advocate for a return to rapiers?
    Piss off with yer

  2. I get so fed up but then I remember Candice Owens, Thomas Sowell and others who are a credit to their race.

  3. Note from DNC:

    All free black people must check in regularly with Rep. Pressley to get their orders on what to think. Only then can we… all… be… free.

  4. You damn darkies better tow the progressive plantation rules or we’ll take away your free stuff.

  5. So now the democrats are trying to shame black people for striving to be individuals with their own thoughts. Tell me again who the racists are.

    So glad that people like Shemeka get it.

  6. @ Anonymous JULY 19, 2019 AT 2:22 PM

    PC had just raised it’s ugly head and was making high-school student’s life difficult. Then along comes Blazing Saddles on network TV and they changed this line to Jumping around like a bunch of Kansas City Horses
    So my brother and I, being always eager to please the self appointed arbiters of what is righteous took that line back to school with us and began using it, by the time we graduated “Kansas City Horse” had been in parlance for a couple years and was pretty well established.

    Fookin’ dummies running the place never did figure it out.

    They could discipline you for calling the flaming fudgepackers faggots, but were not sure what to do about calling them a Kansas City Horse.

  7. Incredibly insulting to blacks. And embarassing, if you’re black and follow these wanna-be slavemasters.

  8. Accents in general are easily distinguishable. Southern, midwestern, NE Bawston, New Yawk, Joyzee, as well as by ethnicity, Hispanic, Irish, Cockney, Italian etc etc

    Blacks are easily distinguishable…. Jamaican, French Congolese, Bahamian…

    The vernacular of African-Americans is what sets them apart from ALL other recognizable languages.

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