Black Guns Matter

This guy gets it. He’s not going to let the dems implement policies that will take everyone’s guns away.

ht/ bad brad

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  1. Ironic, the Democratic Party founded the KKK. The Republicans stood for equal rights. And back in the day the NRA stood for arming the black man. Who the hell is interpreting history these days.

  2. I believe that Bad Brad and Moe Tom could induce a seizure on the hildebeast with a casual conversation about ovaltine…good on ya mates!!!!

  3. Gun control laws here were first made to control the blacks after the civil war.

    I think of this every time I see some “community leader” push for more restrictions on firearms as a solution to crime.

    Death by Government – check out the chart on this page to see the estimates of how many people have been killed by their own governments after being disarmed.

    JPFO is worth checking out and bookmarking for further use.

  4. Programs that Democrats brought to America that are destroying the Black Community…..

    KKK (Don’t believe it….do some research)…..

    Gun Control…..

    and Eugenics via Planned Parenthood……Margret Sanger anyone?

    Yet….Blacks vote in a 97% lockstep block for White or Black Democrats.

  5. So is he advocating teaching the participants of the hood about rimfire cartridges?

    I’m confused, but fairly certain we could increase the homicide rate in Chicago by teaching thugs the difference between ball and hollow point ammunition.

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