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Black Like Them


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  1. l self identify as a lesbian trapped in a man’ body. Do I get to int the women’s shower room at the gym?

    If a government contract is open only to minorities or women owned companies can I self identify as a black lesbian?

  2. If I self-identify as a negro, will my dick get bigger?
    Will I start wanting free shit?
    Will my pants droop below my ass?
    Can I be an Affirmative Action Lawyer?
    Will every one of my fuck-ups be whitey’s fault?
    Can I drink Mad Dog 20/20 and watch TV all day AND still get paid?
    No one can fire me for getting drunk on the job and falling asleep?
    Can I get discount crack cocaine?
    Can I mumble “yo, muthafucka, shit, dawg … f’shizzle …” and the media will hang onto every grunt and utterance?
    Get my own show on CNN and MSLSD?

  3. It really is too damned funny, MJA. Guess BLM is going to need some attitude adjustment, in one form or another. Or a slap on the head might do it, to rearrange their few remaining brain cells.

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