Black people on Twitter angry with Piers and Hillary

LOL! Blacks are angry that Hillary Clinton said ‘ALL lives matter’ during her race-baity speech!!

hillary ducks shoe


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Black Twitter Doesn’t Appreciate Piers Morgan Weighing in On The N-word Debate .

piers morgan dumbass

Rough crowd.

8 Comments on Black people on Twitter angry with Piers and Hillary

  1. What the hell do they expect from the shifting sand queen?

    As I said in another post, “The democrats and other politicians have the substance of sand. They shift as needed and fall flat on their own merit.”.

    Hillary is a prime example.

  2. I have heard excerpts from Hillary’s speech.
    She talks so slow and deliberate it literally made my skin crawl.

    I think she is either trying to sound presidential or she feels blacks are too slow and stupid to understand her otherwise.

  3. I heard clips of her too. It was incredibly demeaning. Like listening to Sebelius tell America how to cough properly.

  4. When or when are the good black folks in our country going to realize that the democrat party does not care about them, only their votes??

  5. Who keeps giving Piers a microphone?
    He and the morons on Twitter read like they were all on Nyquil and caffeine. Thinking slow and posting it fast.

  6. I thought we were done with Pierced Organ when he got run off CNN. I guess he just keeps coming back, like one of those “Obama dolls” that won’t flush.

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