Black People Problems

Taleeb Starkes gives a Prager University segment that honestly lists what troubles black communities in America today.  It’s not going to make him any friends on the left.



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  1. The Victim Mentality.
    The insidious, dirty little lie that Progressives promote. We see “victimhood” everywhere. Victimhood is the universal snake oil sold by Progressives to keep Blacks, women, minorities and the proletariat down on their scummy Plantation. No matter how times may change, their lot in life does not because these Progressive Misery Merchants wouldn’t have a damn thing to sell if people knew the truth!
    Same thing with the so-called “Black Leaders” They keep pushing , “Racism”, “Racism”, “Racism” cuz if the term “Racism” vaporized off the face of the planet today, there would one Hell of a lot of race hustlers out of a job tomorrow! That’s why we’ve seen this false narrative ramp up in the past eight years because they’re scared shitless of losing their bennys now that they got a Black pResident!

  2. I heard Dennis Prager interview this gentleman this morning while I was driving and making my deliveries. Great interview, I am so glad my local talk radio station KXLY AM 920 carries Dennis Prager’s program now from 9AM to noon. I love The Happiness Hour during the second hr. on Fridays from 10-11 AM.

  3. “I think of discipline as the continual everyday process of helping a child learn self-discipline.” -Fred Rodgers

    I would say the lack of devoted fathers is the biggest detriment in the Black community. Heck, it’s the biggest issue across all races.

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