Black Professor Blogs About Fantasy of Kicking Homeless White Men

Th guy absolutely hates white people for being white. Is that not racism?


Nicholas Powers, an associate professor of black literature at SUNY Old Westbury, made the confession in a since-deleted essay headlined “Seeing poor white people makes me happy. It was published by the RaceBaitr blog on June 11.

Powers recounted walking walking past a “homeless white boy” and having hateful and violent thoughts about him because of “the history of colonization, slavery and mass incarceration.”

On one occasion, Powers recalled thinking of the man: “Should I kick him in the face? Hard? No, chill, he’s not worth it. But why is this white boy begging for money in a Black neighborhood? Is he stupid?”

Another time, when the man asked him for something to eat, Powers said he mused, “”Baby, you stole all mine,” and also, “Who is he? Why is he here? Where are his people?”

Noting that the man was “sunburnt and thin” with scabs covering his mouth apparently did not trigger Powers’ empathy.

Powers said of the man: “Here is a descendant of murderers who killed our ancestors now begging us to save their life.” He also said that a white person “begging Black people for money [is] ironic – if not insulting. You wasted your whiteness! Why should we give to you?”


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  1. Powers is a semi-educated animalistic, low impulse control scumbag. Remember this nonsense when you see him on the street.

  2. He’s not black black. Must be some white in him. Too bad he can’t kick himself in the face. Oh well, running head first into a semi on the freeway is almost as good.

  3. Hmmm… does that mean that I would be justified in not helping the local black Baptist church every year with food and monetary donations… or perhaps the “occasional” black beggar on the street or in front of Harbor Freight? Nah, never mind, I cannot compare myself to this vermin.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. You know what’s worse? It’s the guy who raped a woman in a dressing room in an upscale department store, regularly bragged that he grabbed women by the pu$$y, and he actually shot someone on 5th Avenue in NYC and people still voted for him.

  5. @Larry

    What’s worse Larry, a man saying he likes to grab some pussy (physically hard to do), or some queer pervert who actually grabs little boy’s whangers?

  6. This is the backlash for all the tap dance lessons he took as a child. He has watched “A Clockwork Orange” too many times when he is alone, drunk and depressed about not getting tenure at NYU or Columbia.

  7. Th guy absolutely hates white people for being white. Is that not racism…………….

    No this is not racism. The guy is not suggesting any group is superior to another. He just hates. I believe that is bigotry…….

  8. I’m not wasting my whiteness. I go to the range weekly. Come punch me and the next white you’ll be looking at is the ceiling in intensive care.

  9. Thought this was about W. Kamau Bell, another delusional ‘comedian’ with the Emmy Award-winning CNN Original Series “United Shades of America”.
    My bad, I apologize to the racist white man beating asshole Nicholas Powers.
    Shame you got more tenure than w. Kamau,
    (like that is his real name),

  10. No more common humanity, nothing that binds us together as Americans; you’re a skin color.

    “Your people.” “My people.”

    This is Leftism.

  11. Wish I was sitting is his class with my 50 years of experience. I would pull out my prick in his lecture hall and piss on his floor. “protesting violence & hate”
    He looks a bit like Smollett but less masculine.

  12. A hatred for whites from birth and instilled with the urge to kill is the black acquired mentality. Every liberal/Communist member of the Black Caucus in Congress is also like this in spite of actually being quite wealthy from being in their political positions. Just like this black dude, if they were allowed and able to, they would slash whites to death for the satisfying pleasure of it. The hate they have within is so overwhelming, it has to be demonic. So be aware, because these types of hating blacks are always mentally unstable. Two examples of this inner hatred’s brutality is represented in the clip about the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya and in the reality of the O. J. Simpson murders.

    [Graphic scenes]

    The OJ Simpson Case 25 Years Later
    Posted on June 12, 2019 by INCOG MAN
    [Graphic photos]

    tRuth correction

  13. The black population seizing power to afflict the white population is what is being fomented in the USA. The Communist agenda is being carried out in America which is being flooded with criminals, non-whites, non-civil parasites who have NO allegiance to US morals or ethics. Ready and willing to destroy any remaining societal strength of America. Political power backed by armed force can change a country as it has in South Africa. The hateful black professor is a willing and able destroyer just biding his time.

    White farm murders in South Africa – Race hate, politics or greed? | Foreign Correspondent
    [Watch at 16:40 to see the Communist hate indoctrination at a stadium, including children ]

  14. #Bobcat
    I almost suggested yesterday that we play guess the real identity of Larry the lib.
    Just who’s pulling our joints. Ha
    I’ve been looking for indicators but he’s a crafty one!

  15. tRuth is correct. Since the inception of the civil rights act with all its freebies and subsequent deliberate destruction of the black nuclear family ( by removing the importance and responsibility of black fatherhood) the communists have ensured nothing but vitriolic hated and racial resentment from Blacks towards whites.

    Communist is just another word for Satan, and the irony that for the first hundred years white Demonrats enslaved them and then after Johnson deliberately enslaved them again for another 100 years is completely lost on 95% of the black population.

    Trump may get that percentage down to 90 or even a Demonrats destroying 80 and this is one of the main reasons they must destroy him. Trump is the antidote to satanic communism’s poisonous goals for America and they know it.

    I just wish more Black folks could remove the satanic scales of white hatred from their eyes and many are. I am cautiously optimistic.

  16. Powers is not outraged by a cracker down on his luck, begging the black man for money.

    Powers is outraged whitey ain’t slaving in a factory to pay the black man his monthly reparations.

  17. I am glad he is not teaching his garbage in medical school. I also hope that black medical students don’t read this tripe.

  18. This reminds me of a line from the movie, “FULL METAL JACKET” where Animal Mother said, “All /Viggers must die!”.

  19. Funny, I had a black man begging me for money the other day. He drives up with his family as I am paying for my gas at the pump and says he and his family don’t even know where they are going to spend the night and if I could spare anything. I told him he is the millionth person that has pulled that on me and to get lost.

  20. Funny, he’s begging for money right now with a 36 hour deadline for! I don’t see him putting any color restrictions on donators.

  21. Maybe that old white beggar just likes Black Poontang better and that’s why he begs there. The Ho’s are available and not as particular. Bill Clinton didn’t mind.

  22. Larry the liberal…..thank you much for bein so suportiv of us black folk by puttin down the man. Wez realli wood like to kick som white azz. I noz I like to grab som whit possie and bang whit womin in thuz elevaeter.

  23. I’d love to wait outside SUNY in some old clothes sporting a handmade sign, just to bait him, but it ain’t worth spending any time in that pisshole city.


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