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Black Slave Owners in America- The List is LONGGGGGG

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  1. @Benny
    You proved my point.
    “After lengthy court proceedings, Casor was returned to the Johnson family in 1655.” Meaning Casor became Johnson’s slave for life.
    So, Johnson was the first legal slave owner in North America.

  2. Fake claim! Read the story!
    Sure, claims a whitey righty tighty & they started the KKK too. No the Democrats started the KKK. Again false! Former members of the Confederate army started the KKK.

  3. I know I am not the only American, who is slowly watching our Country being deliberately and systematically crippled, dismantled and destroyed but, I would feel as though I would be turning my back on all my loved ones, friends, and fellow Americans if not making some effort of a plea and cry for help to especially law in our Country. .

    Please! Someone who legislates and those who enforce the law in our government, who are adequately equipped, skilled, financed, knowledgeable and has firm, trustworthy and reliable connections with similar Americans in government, please hear us everyday Americans!

    We need to take these domestic American-hating people (including Soros) out of the active and non-stop destruction of America by any reasonable and legal means possible, as soon as possible, and if alive and found guilty of treason or any other felonious and/or underhanded, subversive crimes against our Country, to apply the full scope of the law without hesitation and with full and speedy force and resolve.

    Just a seemingly mild, yet bewildering example:

  4. Anthony Johnson was himself a slave in 1622. He then fought for John Castor to free him servitude. So if Anthony Johnson was a slave in 1622 that was well before your claim that John Castor in 1654 being the first one to be called a slave for life. Further it states the first slaves were brought over here in 1619 to Virginia for WHITE plantation owners.

  5. unless the Presidential Election of 1860 wasn’t true then most of the Confederate army were D’rats

    & yes, it was started as a Confederate veteran’s organization. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a founding member.
    He quit after they got violent against people of high melatonin content

    the Thirteenth Amendment was passed w/ 100% Republican votes, 23% D’rat votes
    it abolished slavery
    the Fourteenth Amendment was passed w/ 100% Republican votes, 0% D’rat votes
    it gave citizenship to the freed slaves
    the Fifteenth Amendment was passed w/ 94% Republican votes, 0% D’rat votes.
    it gave the right to vote to every male, regardless of melatonin content

    thanks for playing … be sure to tip your ushers on the way out of the stadium

  6. @Benny,
    Then why did the courts grant Johnson ownership of Castor for life?
    Sure sounds like a slave to me…
    Johnson was an indentured servant, not a slave – who served his time and became free. Johnson convinced the court that Castor’s servitude was for life.

  7. well, congratulations! you just proved you know nothing about US history.
    even the basic stuff … are you still in 4th grade? … maybe that explains it.

    btw, I knew my great grandparents & they were all Roosevelt D’rats, so were all my grandparents (except my maternal granddad) & my parents … how quaint

  8. @Benny . A bit of history for your consideration.

    According to the “Lists of living and dead in Virginia” in 1623 and the “Muster Rolls of the Settlements in Virginia”, a census made in 1624-1625, there were in the colony twenty-three Africans. They are all listed as “servants” thus receiving the same class name as many white persons enumerated in the lists. Some had names, as, for instance, “Angelo, a negro woman”, and “John Pedro, a neger aged 30”. Others apparently had no names, and were designated simply by the word “negro” under the caption “servants”.

    ( )

    In the records of the county courts dating from 1632 to 1661 negroes are designated as “servants”, “negro servants”, or simply as “negroes” but never in the records which we have examined were they termed “slaves”. By an order of the general court a negro brought from the West Indies to Virginia in 1625 was declared to “belong to Sir Francis Wyatt (then governor) as his servant”. There is nothing in the record which indicates that “servant” meant the same as “slave”. Among the twenty-three African “servants” enumerated in 1624 was a negro man named Anthony and a negro woman named Mary, serving under different masters. In the county court records of Northampton, of date February 28, 1652, is the following order:

    Upon ye humble petition of Anth. Johnson Negro; & Mary his wife; & their Information to ye Court that they have been Inhabitants in Virginia above thirty years consideration being taken of their hard labor & honoured service performed by the petitioners in this County, for ye obtayneing of their Livelyhood And ye great Llosse they have sustained by an unfortunate fire wth their present charge to provide for, Be it therefore fitt and ordered that from the day of the date hearof (during their natural lives) the sd Mary Johnson & two daughters of Anthony Johnson Negro be disingaged and freed from payment of Taxes and leavyes in Northampton County for public use.


    After a disagreement about whether or not Casor’s contract was lapsed, a court ruled in favor of Johnson and Casor saw the status of his indenture turn into slavery, where he —not his contract— was considered property. Casor claimed that he had served his indenture of “seaven or Eight years” and seven more years on top of that. The court sided with Johnson, who claimed that Casor was his slave for life.

    In 1651 Anthony Johnson owned 250 acres, and the services of four white and one black indentured servants. The black indentured servant John Casor (Casar, Cazarao and Corsala) demanded that Anthony Johnson release him after his seven years of indenture and an additional 7 years of service.

    The courts ruled in favor of Anthony Johnson and declared John Casor his property in 1655. Casor became the first person of African descent in Britain’s Thirteen Colonies to be declared as a slave for life as the result of Anthony Johnson’s civil suit.

    Court Ruling

    Essentially, Casor was doomed to slavery because he was not a British Citizen and therefore not protected by British Law. After Virginia became part of the “new” United States, the US inherited the case law and legal documents of the former British Colonies. That is important insomuch as it included land surveys, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, debts, corporations/businesses, etc. It is no small thing.

  9. I had a roommate of German ancestry who had blonde hair and blue eyes but because his mother was a native American from a tribe in Oklahoma, he was able to receive benefits from that tribe as a native American. He also had a sister who also received benefits, go figure.

  10. It’s not a “useless” debate. The past is prelude – and the past must be understood to understand the present.

    That doesn’t imply that we get exercised over it – it just means that we attempt to understand where we are from where we were.

    You cannot hold the dead accountable for their actions – they’re dead.
    And the sins of the fathers should not be visited upon the sons (“Fathers shall not be put to death for their sons, nor shall sons be put to death for their fathers …”) – no more than the sufferings of the fathers justifies the laziness and cupidity of the sons.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. And fuck that “native” American bullshit – I’m a “native” American – born in Illinois. I’m also some part Cherokee (Great Grandfather’s wife (on my father’s side)) – which is some fucking Indian tribe – and they never gave me shit.
    There are grifters of all sizes, shapes, backgrounds, and religions.

    I’m convinced that most of the people of the Earth are mongrels (not mongrels like Genghis Khan – though they did spread their seed across Europe) of some sort or another.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. I have a friend who did traditional blacksmithing, not horse shoeing, and worked on the Amistad project when they built a replica at Mystic Seaport here in Connecticut, the UN-Constitution state.
    He did some research and found that two of the slaves put on captured black became slavers after being freed when John Quincy Adams argued their case before the Supreme Court.
    Yes, reparations will be a tricky sell indeed especially for people who’s ancestors came to America post Civil War.

  13. If reparation is the issue, go to the source, the descendants of African and muslim slavers who captured, kidnapped and sold slaves to Spain, Portuguese, England, Dutch and French Merchant ships for transportation to European nations, Caribbean, and eventually North and South America.

    “By the 1480s Portuguese ships were already transporting Africans for use as enslaved labourers on the sugar plantations in the Cape Verde and Madeira islands in the eastern Atlantic. Spanish conquistadors took enslaved Africans to the Caribbean after 1502, but Portuguese merchants continued to dominate the transatlantic slave trade for another century and a half, operating from their bases in the Congo-Angola area along the west coast of Africa. The Dutch became the foremost traders of enslaved people during parts of the 1600s, and in the following century English and French merchants controlled about half of the transatlantic slave trade, taking a large percentage of their human cargo from the region of West Africa between the Sénégal and Niger rivers. In 1713 an agreement between Spain and Britain granted the British a monopoly on the trade of enslaved people with the Spanish colonies. Under the Asiento de negros, Britain was entitled to supply those colonies with 4,800 enslaved Africans per year for 30 years. The contract for this supply was assigned to the South Sea Company, of which British Queen Anne held some 22.5 percent of the stock.”

    If reparations are sought, it appears African Kings, Muslims, European Royalty and Merchants of Spain, Portuguese, England, Dutch and French are at the source of Slavery lasting over 400 years.
    If in fact you are descendents of slaves, you have been blessed to be in the United States. If you disagree, what African country would you now chose to live?

    I am a descendant of European indentured slaves, there are no other Countries where I wish to live. I am blessed by my ancestors when they came to the wilderness of North America before it became the United States. Through their decision in the early 1700’s, sacrifice and service, I am grateful descendent and A Son of the American Revolution.
    I am not a hyphenated American.


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